Need to Maximize My ROM

Whats the best stretching method for maximising ROM. Keep in mind I am in Muay Thai and not in weight lifting. I need to badly increase my high kick righ now I can only hit 75-80% of my own height. I've been doing static stretching before and after my work out. I know you loose strength if you do static stretching before workouts but if I don't do any I tend to have lesser ability to hit my high kicks effictively.

Is there any other alternative ways that I should be using?

I read somewhere on this site static stretching doesn’t have much carry over to dynamic rom.

Try PNF stretching for starters. Find a good stretching buddy (preferably a hot girl) and go brokeback on one another.

Pavel may be out of style, but his Relax Into Stretch is another good starting point.

Or, ask around with people you train with. Find someone that already struggled through the same type of flexibility issues and pick their brain.

There’s a final option, but only if you enjoy pain. If you can touch your toes already:

(1) Put one leg up on a table (waist height or so), toes pulled back and foot pointed up.
(2) Grab your foot with both hands.
(3) Pull your forehead to your toes.

Repeat as desired.

You should go to a good TKD school (hiding the fact you are muay thai) we have tons of stretching techniques.

Dynamic stretching i think is the one you are looking for. For example i remember kicking to where it was confotable to me 70% and then kicking higer, and higher trying to hit a target. I thought it was just trying to kick harder but it was part of dynamic stretching.

Also you can do many exercises outside, many stretching, but the real thing is to practice the kicks for along time every day.

Some tips that helped me:

  1. stretch 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, night)

  2. PNF and Dynamic, so kick higher for dynamic (feel the stretch)

3)You can open your legs (kind of like a split) all that you can, then hands on the floor change them into your waist and lift your back stright.

4)jump with knees up, jump on one leg attemting keeing with it.

5)Run, sprint, run, sprint, run etc

  1. legs = hands. We did this on TKD like 4 months before one of my tournaments Mexico Vs Korea i think, And our job was to think that our legs = hands. So we turn light switches off with them, close the frige or doors, play soccer (very good for legs if you know how to play), we started kicking in the middle of nowhere (like while we re cooking) and we practice 3 times a day.

  2. Practice, practice practice the kikcs.

Now, all of this help me. The stretching was hard both pnf and dynamic i remember i cried a few times of the pain while i was doing it and i was unsure if the coaches knew wtf they were doing but they are coache for a reason and i trusted them. Hey i got 1st place and got to go to the centroamericans games…anyways i guess hard work pays off so you can take our advizes but only on training your ass off on what you are weak (kicking higher) you will see diferences.

Thanks guys I will give it a try.

Not sure what a TKD is? Taekwondo? plenty of those in South Korea, now all I got to do is find one for adults.

[quote]Happypillz wrote:
Thanks guys I will give it a try.

Not sure what a TKD is? Taekwondo? plenty of those in South Korea, now all I got to do is find one for adults. [/quote]

Yeah tae kwon do. Man if you in south korea i believe you should be able to find an especialist.

as i remember in korea you can attend college with TKD as your major so i am sure there are plenty of peopel that deal with flexibility issues in a daily basis.

Yeah I sometimes practice with a X Taekwondo Champion. I hate practicing with him because he always bruises my forearms with kicks even tho I have use the big kingpads.

We’ve had some awesome feedback from several MMA competitors who have picked up our DVD; it covers several dynamic flexibility drills that will get you to where you want to be:

Ah yes, i felt as if my forearms were going to break when i was fighting korea. Man i swear do those guys practice hitting stones or something? They said i kicked hard but they did not know how much they were hurting me. It was Dual meet Mex vs korea and oh man if i got 1st place was because of holy grace and the trinity…

Ask your friend about flexibility drills. Like i say kicking has worked the best for me , and strecth 3 times a day. Try horse stance for a change.

And try to see one of the coaches, they always have helpful advizes and drill for evry little thing you are lacking. If your technique is right (ask your trainer) then you need to puch those kicks by will and mentality. So trining will go as hard as you want to push yourself.

I may have some flex drills if you need them, but if you get a hold of a coach there he will help you better than i, i am just anoter tkdoist when it comes to that, but if you want to we can try.

Yeah I wouldn’t mind some extra flex activities. We do a lot of Dynamic stuff during our initial warmup. But I wouldn’t mind some pre warmup and post warmup advice.

I might also check out the mobility dvd, got to check if they ship to South Korea.

Right now I am working really hard on my technique. My left leg kick at the moment really blows so I need to improve my flexibility on my left side. I am a south paw and adapting to right is quite difficult for me.