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Need to Make Weight


Historically I have not been the best at cutting weight. I am lifting 220's (raw bench only) on Saturday and will be weighing in Friday evening. I usually weigh around 226 in the AM.

The plan is to eat small meals Wed and Thurs (chicken and rice and protein shakes) and load up on water. Then cut all food Thursday around 4pm and keep drinking right up to bed time. Cut water Friday AM and then get on the treadmill while wearing a "sauna suit" to sweat out the rest. Weigh in Friday at 5pm and then reload.

Does this sound reasonable? Any tips?



I think that's a bit of overkill. I do the following for a two hour weighin:


I regularly cut 7-8 pounds to make 242 doing this.


Havent had to cut weight for a meet yet, but did something similar to that for wrestling in high school, dropped about 5-7 lbs. It works.


agree 100%. I'd actually limit salt sooner rather than later as it takes some time to work out of your system. If you limit salt and carbs and start pushing a bunch of water you shouldn't have any problems making weight at all. Only other recommendation I have is after making weight is to down a bunch of power bars or something along those lines to get glycogen back in the muscle.


Cool...I was erring on the side of safety, but it sounds like it shouldn't be too difficult. I woke up 225 this morning and will get plenty of water in today and eat clean and see where I am at tomorrow morning.

I will have a good 16-18 hours to refuel after weighin (weigh in Friday 5pm...lift Saturday probably around 11am). The plan is lots of watered down gatorade and eat. Haven't really decided what to eat yet, thinking about Chinese Buffet or just getting a box of junky cereal and eatting that.


5-6 pounds is really not that big of a deal. And the weight class is actually 220.5, that extra half pound helps sometimes.

for a 24 hour weigh in, I usually drink a shit ton of the week before and cut off water at around 6pm for a 9am weigh in. I'd be worried about decreasing your food intake that much. I think you'd be fine eating normally wednesday and thursday( avoid carbs and salt if you are that worried) and then try and get to small meals in friday morning.

To put things into perspective. you could easily take a two pound shit, and 4 pounds of water is about a half gallon. Not a huge amount to piss/sweat/spit out.


Just go heavier. Fuck it. Weight classes are stupid anyway.


Ate normal yesterday and upped the water content considerably. Probably didn't get as much as I should have, but it was still more than usual. Weighed 229 before bed. Woke up at 227, had a normal breakfast and then start with the water again.

StormTheBeach- I actually want to try and get down to 198s.


Thursday-ate normal and drank about a gallon of water. Last food was 7pm, drank bottle of Magnesium Citrate @ 8pm and stopped drinking at 9pm. Was 231 when I went to bed and woke up this morning at 226. The Mag Citrate is kicking in so I shouldn't have any problems....


after shitting several times and soaking in a hot bath for about 30 min I am down to 222.7lbs with about 5 hours to go. Sitting in the sauna suit with a few layers on top and surfing the web right now...will get on the treadmill only if I need to.


ended up on treadmill for about 30 minutes and then sat in the "car sauna" for another 20 or so minutes waiting to pick kids up from school. Ended up at 219. Back up to 225 this morning before breakfast and after a piss. Time to eat!


how'd the meet go?


weighed 225lbs morning of the meet. bench only raw... opened with 330 easy, jumped to 360 for small meet pr and buddy called 375 on the 3rd....I was thinking 370. SHould have went 370 cuz 375 didn't go...

here is a link of me benching and my daughetr deadlifting


yours - nice lifts.

your daughter lifts - she starts with a bend in her elbow and she pops the elbow joint...nice job for a first meet but I'd recommend correcting that before she gets hurt. =(


yeah, she had never pulled more than 135 before so she got a little over excited and jerked the bar. I will work on correcting that. She still has a lot to learn, she has only been deadlifting sumo for a few weeks. She needs to work on keeping her body more upright too. her hips come up first and she ends up doing a conventional dl in a sumo stance.

We saw a kid (teen) at the meet who did a straight leg sumo dl. Never bent his legs til he got the down signal...it was U-G-L-Y!