need to lose weight!

hey troops…ive been thru hell and back these last few months…now its time to think about me …i gianed weight i stopped working out…i feel and look like shit…but im getting over that bitch…so now its all about me…im 5’1 , about 240…can anyone please give me some tips to lose as much wieght as soon as possible? i’ve used deca and sustanon before…lost more with DECA…can someon give me a goos workout??

Do a search for starters on those articles on t-mag called ‘steroid dieting’ - and there’s many more that I just can’t think of off the top of my head - they’ll give you lots of good info and ideas. Then come back here when you have more of a plan as to exactly what you want to do and we’ll help you

i would research the t-dawg diet, meltdown training, as well as the dont diet diet.

Hey Bro-

May I suggest the book Power Eating to you? Sounds strange but chock full of good info. Check it out. Honestly, I would not do any anabolics until you drop your bodyfat down a bit. Say maybe to around 16-18%. You may be asking for some serious heart problem if you use anabolics with a existing weight problem. Have you had a blood profile lately? I would advise it before you even think about putting a needle full of androgens/anabolics in your blood. I am looking out for you here my friend. Let me know if you have any questions.

The Scorp

Good to see you care about the welfare of your fellow man.
But I have one problem with your post:
Putting a needle in your blood?
WTF?!? Hope thats a typo dude. Otherwise you have no buisness coming to a steroid board and doling out advice.

Hey Axus-

Where do you think that the anabolics and androgens usually end up when injected into the muscle tissue. Do you think that there is a slight possibility that the anabolics and androgens do eventually make their way into the bloodstream? Think a little more before you try to blast someone on the boards. Chances are that I may have just a little more knowledge on the subject than most participating on the board. Anymore dumb comments?

You did’t seem very knowledgable with the “needle full of androgens/anabolics in your blood.” comment.

Can you see how this can be viewed as an “intravenous injection”?

I am not as dumb as you apperently presume. I know one shouldn’t administer AS intavenously. And I “duh” can guess where they end up!

Sorry if I misunderstood your post. I have no idea what level of knowledge you have.
That’s why I jumped up when i saw the intravenous injection comment.

Giving out advice on the topic of AS is serious because of the possible health concerns and I hope we can agree that only very knowledgable users should give out advice on this matter.

That’s why I reacted to your post.
Not to start a flame war. Nothing good comes from that.

I also agree that you should concentrate on getting the BF down before you touch the juice. If anything, you’ll probably just put more size on, and hold water on top of it.

Just work on getting back into the swing of things. Get on a set routine. Figure out exactly how many calories you need a day, and slowly cut it down week by week. I recommend lifting about 5 days a week and hitting cardio 2 of those days in the mornings.

When you’ve reached what you feel is your natural potential, only THEN should you even consider juice.

if you are 5-1;you have no business being 240. immediately cut out all white carbs and sugars. egg whites,chicken,fish,turkey and lots of greens. you can have some brown rice or whole wheat pasta as well as some sweet potatoes. do cardio;treadmill is the best. 40 minutes at least 5 days per to do cardio on an empty stomache. do at least 6 reps on your own when weight lifting. i actually would like to see you do sets of 10-15 reps.there is only 1 way to lose weight and look good-THE HARD WAY. high protein,moderate carbs and low fat.
as for juice; 200-250mgs of test and 200
mgs of this for 8 weeks and then drop the deca for 200-300mgs of EQ or some winny tabs or anavar.that will plenty.don’t overload on the juice,you will wind up looking worse.

F*ck man, these guys are right. Lose some weight before juicing…

Get some hot rox, redkat tribex and M if you want supps to help you, but you have to learn how to diet if you want a reasonable physique.

Go to your cupboard right now and throw out all the junk food and sh*t. And swear off fast food. It hurts at first, but you get used to it fast!

It seems that you have been given some pretty good info Bro…Get out there and make it happen. Stay focused and be positive.

The Scorp


Pardon the blurb on my reply that could be construed as a needle full of AAS in the vein. Let me thank the brilliance of our Danish friend for being the only one who was kind enough to point it out on the forum.

The Scorp