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Need to lose weight.....FAST!

This is the situation; I have a martial arts tournament which is taking place in 8 days and I need to lose 5kg to get in the under 80’s bracket! Obviously, I need to lose the fat fast! I guess going on a keto diet is my only option and maybe MD6 too (although I do not tolerate it very well). What are your recommendations? I weigh in next Friday…am 85kg and need to be under 80. I could lose plenty of water on the keto diet to make the weight, or how about a sauna before (I have never tried this method though)? If I do go keto, what am I best taking post workout if I am limiting my carbs severely? I want to maximize my muscle retention, so I am considering using Nandro or Androsol for the duraition of the diet too. What do you think? Will that make it even HARDER to lose the weight??

Well the Fat Fast would probably be your best option, although you need to be careful w. the sauna as the keto diets already have a very potent diuretic effect as is, and as an athlete the last thing you need is to be overly dehydrated. If it gets down to crunch time maybe instead of a sauna try a natural diuretic like Dandelion root as this is a good source of potassium, but you may not even need it if you strictly follow Fat Fast. MD6 would give you a boost, particularly if you haven’t been using a thermogenic already.

For post-workout I would probably just do 30g. or so of whey protein w. maybe some added glutamine. I’m not qualified to answer on the Androsol/Nandrosol since I haven’t tried it. I would certainly say it would help you maintain your LBM but if you absolutely have to lose that much weight in such a short time you probably will have to spare some muscle. Maybe someone else on here could give you better advice on the Androsol.

How long after weigh in do you have to recover before you start? If it is more then an hour it may be a good idea to just “cut the weight” because you will have enough time to raplenish the water that you will be down and to eat carbs to regain energy. I wrestled in college, so I know all about cutting. Try to reall loose around 2.5kg in the next few days, then just don’t have any water the day before you weigh in, and when you work out the day prior to weighing in wear a sauna suit and swets, you will make it with noe problem. that way you will still be able to have the weight to use when you are in the competition. I really think that nandro/andro might make it a little harder to get down because they will make you gain muscle, and when you are that close to weigh-ins you don’t want any weight gain. I would also take MD6. cutting weight will also make it so you retain the muscle, and will be back up to speed when it is time to go.

The weigh in is Friday night, the tournament is not until Sunday; quite a bit of time inbetween. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated!

That doesn’t sound so bad then. You could even do a 24 hr. or so carb-up after the Fat Fast or whatever you do. I am really surprised with how well it works. It sounded rather extreme, but I’ve been doing it w/o androsol/nandrosol and no anabolics-I just do a carb-up after the Friday workout. During the week I feel great and all my lifts are maintaining. My cals are a little higher at 1400-1500 (10x bodyweight for me) but if it ain’t broke, I say don’t fix it. I do really like Dandelion root as a natural diuretic, it also is a source of potassium. Cytodyne has a good product called Taraxatone that uses a potent dose of this or there are other brands that are cheaper. Good luck w. your weigh-in/tourney, let me know how it goes.

If you can bear it, you might want to try the warrior’s diet (the unrevised version). I tried this diet after christmas. I lasted for about two weeks. In the first week I dropped from 213 to 208 lbs. However I couldn’t survive a full workout by the end of the week without falling victim to hypoglycemic shock.

Losing 5kg in 8 days? I think the only solution is to dehydrate. This is alot of weight in such a short period of time. The maximum fat you could lose is about 2 kg. Since you have a reasonable rest period between the weigh in and the comp, I would go with Fat Fast, MD6. If you have a couple more kg to lose, consider a diuretic like diazide, but it is very dangerous. I know I wouldnt do it. Good Luck, keep us posted of your results

I disagree with a lot of the advice being given here. Drastically change your diet the week before a tournament? Go into keto? Eat nothing but Meal Replacements? You gotta be kidding me. How much fat do you think the guy is gonna lose from all this? I would just make sure to eat really clean for the week, not too much, and drink plenty of water. Get a lot of good workouts in. Go light on Thursday. Eat though, until Thursday night when you will eat very lightly. (this assumes you weigh in about 5pm on Friday) Friday morning drink a glass of juice for a little bit of energy and you are going to need to drop the weight by water loss. Yes you will feel like absolute shit. But you can recover from temporary dehydration in 24 hours. Starvation takes a lot longer. I’ve been around wrestling in college for a number of years and the guys who starve themselves or change their diets outrageously will suddenly find their strength going down the toilet. This is provided that you have such a long period to make the weight. College wrestling rules have changed, making this tactic worthless. The most sucessful guys would put on a t-shirt, shorts, vinyl suit (6 bucks at walmart) a sweatsuit, and wool hat. Then we’d jog in an elevated temp room like a pool or sit in a sauna. Obviously be careful. Have a friend around. You’re going to feel awful, but 11 pounds is not too much to drop this way. You should not take diuretics or laxatives. You don’t want to do this for days at a time, just once. I easily could drop 8 pounds in an hour and 12 in 90 minutes when my weight class was 150. Boom, drop the weight and sip on warm gatorade and water. A word of caution: If you’ve never lost any weight like this, then I think that 11 pounds is too much until you know how far you can push your body. Keep in mind for all you fat newbies out that this is not a permanent solution to weight loss. But this is how experienced wrestlers make their weight, not through keto.

Rafael, I never said for one minute that I agreed with him trying to lose that much weight that quickly. In fact, I strongly disagree if you must know. I have worked with numerous wrestlers previously and if there’s anything I have learned, it’s that most of them are not going to listen to your advice regardless. I’m simply suggesting the lesser of two evils so to speak. I definitely say forget about script diuretics. The Fat Fast can be done w.o. sacrificing health, although it’s not something I would do for an extended period of time. Doing it keto style is much better than simple starvation and all the other little tricks the people do to make weight for a tourney. Ideally one would not wait until the last minute to have to drop so much weight, but that’s a whole other subject.

Considering you have 2 days between the weigh-in and the competition, cutting weight is the way to go as you will have enough time available for re-feeding to improve your recovery from dehydration and/or starvation. Rafiel’s or Shawn’s recommendations will suffice for you. When I compete in either boxing or kickboxing I generally lose 10 pounds in 2-3 days. You will feel lethargic at times but several supplements can help you out such as the E/C stack to basically curb your appetite and keep your energy levels high. Basically the 1-3 days before weigh-in (depends on my weight) I eat very little and avoid carbs when I do eat due to the tendency that carbs can make you hold water. So basically 1-3 days prior to competition I eat low sodium protein, a couple of gallons of distilled water (except on the day of weigh-in)
and take a ECA type stack or some other agent such as dexatrim (if you can still find it since it’s banned). I also use the sauna for 30 min the week of my fights and especially on the day of the weigh-in. Also, the last two or three workouts prior to weigh-in I where a nylon sweat suit to take even more water weight away. I do some other things, but nothing worth really mentioning.

I think Rafael is right all the way. I suggested fat fast because of the diuretic effect it has. I didnt know it was possible to lose 12 lbs in 90 minutes. I may try it someday. Thanx Rafael for the infos.