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Need to Lose Weight Fast


So I leave for the air force in exactly 7 days. I'm at 202 and thats my weight limit. So I need to get down to like 195 or so before I leave or they won't let me ship. How can I do this?

PS I can lose so muscle mass since most of it will be lost in basic. IDC about seeing abs I just want the weight gone.


cut off a limb. its the only way


Just drop down into a starvation diet around 1200-1500 kcal/day with zero carbs. That should not only put you into a serious deficit, but having zero carbs should deplete your glycogen and dehydrate you. Work in HIIT cardio and intense lifting sessions for the 7 days. Dropping that much weight is easy in 7 days. That's just a pound a day.


How bad do You want it??

real bad? ok then;

Set Protein = 1.5-2.0gm/lb
so, 202*1.5 = 303 grams/day * 4cals/gm = 1212 cals/day.
Now, get 5gm/day of EFA's (5gm of EPA+DHA; each capsule generally has 0.5gm combined)

Take a multi-vitamin, drink when thirsty and whatever you want as long as it is 0 calories.
You will cramp up...get an electrolyte replacement thing (eg: Powerade Zero)

That's all...snack on celery/spinach/broccoli and drink caffeine...do as much lifting/Cardio as you can without overkill.

Give the Rapid fat loss thread a once-over.


Just do this. You'll probably lose the 7 lbs with in 4-5 days.