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Need to Lose Major Weight, Gain Muscle


I am very overweight. I know this so don't waste time telling me. Thanks, now thats over... on to the point.

I weigh 280lb, 5'6" tall, 23 y/o, pants: 42-44 in.,non-smoker,NEVER had high or low anything I'm always in healthy range(i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) Im a semi-vegg (the ONLY "meat" I eat is seafood).

Goal:I need to LOSE weight and BUILD muscle.

****Help with a meal plan would be great!
** Help with a workout plan would be great also!
* any recommendations for a good pre and post workout shake/meal?



Ok, I don't want to piss you off and make fun of whatever but heres my take. To gain weight, your gonna need meat. End of story. Someone will argue that fact but I don't care. Alright, the shake... I'd just go whey protien shake with some BCAA's. Workout plan would be focused around the 3 main lifts: Deadlift, Bench, Squat. But read more. Check out the articles and etc.


Hi and Welcome

The good news is that as a beginner and being so heavy you can achieve some fast results with a little effort and a lot of consistency.

Someone just mentioned Chad Waterbury's "Summer Program" to me the other day and that might be something you could look into. Just use the SEARCH function at the top of the tool bar.

As flip said, keeping it simple but incoporating the major compound lifts you can get going without having things get too complicated.

You are probably very carb sensitive so a good idea just to start with is to cut back on your carbs and up your green vegetables. You say you are vegetarian which will make that easy but you have to be getting those fattening calories from somewhere.

Cut out the sugar and white flour. If you drink soda you really might want to stop that it just keeps you craving sweet stuff.

There is also a program called "Dawg School" that might help you out.

You are going to be very sore as it sounds as if you probably don't work out regularly. Be sure to hydrate and have a good PWO (post work out) meal that includes complex carbs. Surge can help tremendously with recovery. YOu might also need to incorporate some fish oil if you don't already take it.

Important thing is to be consistent, keep a food journal and be resolved. The food journal is going to seem like a chore but it will give you the best picture of where your calories are coming from. You can't lose weight unless you are expending more calories than you are taking in.

You might want to consider doing some HIIT for cardio. You can get your cardio in at only 12 - 15 minutes that way. Use the SEARCH function.

I hope you've seen a doctor at your weight and had yourself checked out.

Good for you


on the top, sticky, are you a beginner place II is a great place to start, all articles you need is there, nutrition, workout, supplements etc

good luck


I'm sorry but how can you be overweight when you "only" eat fish and vegetables? There has to be more to your diet than that.

And if you want to increase your muscle mass you will need to increase your cholesterol consumption. Either via cow meat or eggs. Famous vegetarian bodybuilder Bill Pearl did his muscular growth on cow meat and lots of milk, later moving back to eating only milk, eggs and vegetables.


I doubt chocolate and potato chips have a lot of meat in them, and they fit right into a vegetarian diet. :wink:


Or pop/soda, the gallons a day people drink works out to be a lot.


By your stats, I swear I think you're my brother.

That being said, flipHDK_6 made a good point. To put on that good ol' lean muscle there is going to have to be some drastic changes in your macronutrient breakdown. I also agree that you're going to want to watch your carbohydrate intake, as this likely already has a great influence on your insulin spikes. I too was once a vegetarian during my quasi-liberal idealist days, and I'm almost certain your diet is heavy in sugars; this change will therefore be among your greatest challenges during this transformation phase.

The fact you are just starting to lift means you will be seeing some very pleasant changes (assuming you stick to your goals). I'm honestly not a big fan of Chad Waterbury, but I have previously been a client of Thibaudeau and have learned a lot from his suggested diets. You may want to read his Refined Physique Transformation here:


So, best of luck with your goals and I cannot emphasize enough to not cheat yourself and remain determined to reach your desired physique. It is a difficult journey, because your greatest adversary is yourself.

Oh, and.. take anything OctoberGirl says with a grain of salt. :wink:


1) Read a bunch of articles on this site and find some authors you like.
2) Pick a diet plan and exercise routine from one of the authors you picked.
3) Follow said plan
4) Profit!!!