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Need to Lose Fat, Want Lean Muscle


I am totally new to the weight lifting world. I have exercised before, although inconsistently. As well as dieted with some luck but not lasting results or lean muscle by any means. I have read lots of articles on this site and want some more guidance. I have already been trying to eat healthier for the last couple months.

I am interested in the complexes workouts. I also am unsure how much protein I should consume and when, what are the best carbs and how much do I need. Not sure which supplements would benefit me the most. I have 3 young girls and work part time so my time is limited and I want something that is efficient- eating and lifting. I am 34 years old, 5'1" and 210 lbs. I have never been fit in my life and want that to change.


I would begin by reading all the stickys here on the site; especially the ones in the nutrition and beginners section. A lot of the questions that you are asking can be found there. Supplements that I BELEIVE are essential are: fish oil, a quality protein powder and a good multivitamin...that is all a beginner needs. Some people use more, others use less. A supplement will not do the work for you, so bear this in mind. You can research the supplements that you would like to purchase, as there are a wide variety, and thus can vary in price. I myself use optimum men multivitamin and Gold Standard Whey, and Flameout (found here at T-Nation/store).

CT wrote a fantastic article on Superhero Complexes, which is similar to the type of workout that may interest you. I used them awhile back while cutting and saw great results. Although it is difficult to follow it to tee if you don't have the proper gym for it. As some days you may be occupying 2 different squat racks or multiple stations. I only say "may" because seeing as you are completely "new" to weightlifting, it may be a little advanced. A lot of the movements are big, multi-jointed and will take some time to develop proper technique. That being said, learning the movements will yield great benefits as you develop, and will reap the fastest rewards. You can do search on this site, and I'm sure you will find the link.

That all being said, being 5'1 at 210, and relatively new to weightlifting tells me that you are carrying a significant amount of body fat. Diet will be key in transforming your physique, and thus can not be overlooked. I would begin by cutting all liquids from your diet that are not H20. Cutting out all refined sugars, limiting carb sources to only around your workout period and upping your vegetable intake while you adjust to your new LIFESTYLE. If you want to get real technical; start counting calories and macros. You can find a calculator to find your Basic Metabolic Rate(search on Google), and SLOWLY put yourself in a caloric deficit. Start with a 300 caloric deficit, and record your results adjusting when necessary. I emphasize the word slowly, because if you start at too sharp of a deficit you will lose muscle, and damage your metabolism.


Complexes require you know a couple exercises.

I wouldn't recommend 'aiming' for complexes, unless you have a live coach with you...
Rather, learn your basic movements. Push ups, pull ups, squats. Seeing that you haven't lifted in awhile, you most likely can't do them properly.

Start slow, it's the fastest way to results.



I would learn the basic exercises while you get your nutrition in check. I'd strongly recommend a book called "Fat loss happens on Mondays" for some fantastic ideas on how to build a reasonable nutrition plan around a busy life. This is going to be key to your progress. Doing "some" weight training while getting your diet nailed down will work miracles for your physique and fitness.