Need to Lose Fat to Reduce Sleep Apnea

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Diet - it’s what people do who don’t work hard enough.

I just made that up and am laughing my ass off because the Internet Inch Club will get all mad. Poking fun at diet and Xfit and all that stuff is very amusing. I liken it to poking a rabid bear. The bear gets all riled up and starts to get up/run at you but then realizes both of his legs are broken. The bear then stumbles and falls because he has nothing to stand on.

I’m particularly proud of that metaphor.



While I appreciate the quote, I have a demanding job and time to hit the gym is limited. So I’m never going to be able to hit it hard enough not to need to reduce calories. I already go as much as I can.

Hire Shelby Starnes. I worked with him for 16 weeks back in 2012 and wass running 5-3-1 at the time and managed to get stronger in all my lifts while going from 285 down to about 260. I seet PR’s in all my lifts at a Powerlifting Meet a month and a half later.

We started out at steady state cardio 2 days a week with HIIT 3 days a week, and increased as my fat loss slowed. I eventually got up to 7 days a week (4 steady state, 3 HIIT) but never for more than a half hour.

I ran the 3-5-1 setup with programed Big Assistance exercises from 5-3-1 second edition, and did a little bit of accessory work after that (nothing too strenous, mostly prehab/fun mirror muscle stuff)