Need to Lose 6+ Pounds In 2 Days

[quote]Jay-B wrote:
Buy a chainsaw and take it out to the woods and cut for about 8 hours. I did it on Saturday and I lost 8 pounds… Not by choice…[/quote]

Did you cut off your foot?

I usually drop 25 to 30 pounds in the 3 days before weigh-ins for fights.

I have 2 egg whites and 2 fish oil pills every 3 hrs day 1 and 2. I sip on water and black coffee. and take 3 HRX 3 x a day. On the day of weigh ins I eat 1 egg wth 1 fish oil pill every 3 hours with 3 HRX in the morning and in the afternoon. use an eliptical with a sauna suit until I am at weight and go take a nap until weigh ins.

I know this part is bad but after weight ins I usually drink 2x2 L bottles of ginger ale throughout the night and eat yogart and fruit and of course eat what ever i want with in reason. By fight time the next day I will put on at least 20 lbs.

But I am also cutting from 235-240 to 205

One day to go and I’m 241, 1lb under; how you doing footsoldier?