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Need to Lose 25lbs to Make 242


I am 4 weeks out from a big powerlifting meet and I need to lose 25 pounds to make the 242 class. I started a cycle last week of:

100mg test prop ED
100mg tren ace ED
100mg anavar ED

I have started doing cardio almost every day. Strength is up, but I'm not losing enough weight. I have DNP on hand too that I'm going to use for a 10 day cycle a week before the meet.

Can anyone offer me any advice at all? I have a shot at a federation world record total if I make the 242s, so I'm willing to do anything.


Do the cardio first thing in the morning and fasted. Take a shitload of caffeine before you start. At least 400mg. Only do steady-state 2-3 times a week and only for 30-40mins at a HR of 50%-60%. You can achieve this just by walking quickly on a steep incline or dragging a light sled, don't jog. Ever.

Also do HIIT 2-3 times a week at the same time of day. 15 minutes on a bike with the interval of 15s sprint, 45s recovery should work fine.

As far as diet, I have no idea what you do but I would suggest you up your protein and water. Also, start cycling your carbs.

When weigh-ins start getting closer, drop all salts 36 hours out, drop water the evening/night before, then get your weight back up with food and water/gatorade mixed together.

Following this plan I dropped over 50lbs in 15 weeks with the majority of it coming off the first month. Get your diet in check, that is the most important part.


Thanks for the reply it was very helpful.

How do you suggest I schedule the HIIT and steady state cardio sessions around my workouts? I have 6 more heavy days.


Tell me more about this WR total. I am genuinely interested.


It's just a federation world record. In the APA. It's nothing huge by any means but it's something I really want to accomplish.


I have no idea what your recovery capabilities are or what you can handle. So, just do the HIIT not on your heavy lower days.


STB how would you recommend cycling carbs?


How you expect to loose that much weight so close to meet time, and still be strong?


I gotta ask... is ED every day??? You are injecting propionate every day? I have never ran a cycle before but injecting everyday sounds like it might get painful.


You are thinking about it all wrong - at 267 you don't need to lose 25 lbs to make it to the 242s, you need 8 more lbs to be a true 275! Records be damned! Muhehehe


STB's got the goods. For weight drop, really, 4 weeks is enough to drop about 8 lbs. If you need 25 lbs TOTAL lost, then if you drop 8-10 in bodyweight and drop the rest in water/waste, you can probably make the class. Have lactated ringer IVs on hand after weigh-ins and somebody who knows how to properly IV you. I know some people like Matt Kroc can drop 20+ lbs of water, but if you don't have to suffer that badly, I wouldn't. I'd rather kill as much weight as possible in advance and then drop the remainder in water.

Regarding cardio overall--since strength is a priority, do a lot of walking as well. Walk everywhere you possibly can. It's low impact, low intensity, and has the lowest possible chance of interfering with your strength training in recovery.

The weight drop is really in the diet--do NOT use DNP. I do not think it's worth it especially if you have any need to train hard. That is not safe stuff to drop into your system.

Regarding diet--man, just write down what you're eating and I will see if I can help. You're on a lot of AAS, and tren in particular is probably keeping your weight up. It's going to be a hard drop in 4 weeks to be honest. IMVHO you should have started the diet 6 weeks ago to make it nice and easy on your system along with the training loads you're gonna have to handle.


Why are you people still responding to a thread that was created 3 weeks ago about having to drop enough weight in 4 weeks? You're a little behind the curve.