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Need to Improve Lockout? Try This

I was playing around after my Max Effort work the other day and I somehow ended up doing this: Suspended Kettlebell Foam Press. Here’s the link to the youtube vid:

I suspended two 30lb K-bells from bands and used an Elite Box Squat Pad for the foam.

It’s quite odd, about 1/4 of the way up, it feels like someone jumps on the bar.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

A little too exotic for my taste.

We have a fiberglass bar at the gym I lift at specifically meant to hang kettlebells with bands on.

We use very light weights (ie: no loaded weight) only one or two kettlebells hanging from bands.

It feels like you’re benching during an earthquake with a bunch of rabid monkeys trying to rip the bar out of your hands.

Even with a normal bar, I’d suggest spotters.

[quote]VikingsAD28 wrote:
A little too exotic for my taste.[/quote]

For me as well usually, but, felt like experimenting. Even if you just went with the foam, you’d be in for a treat.