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Need to Improve Bench


Would like some comments/friendly criticism on my bench. As a uni boy diet isn't amazing but have started eating a lot more and on a good day will have 2 big meals for every meal. Legs definitely strongest part of me, arms not as strong as broke my right arm last year arm wrestling. Drinking alcohol a lot as you can expect from a uni student so will have the beer belly. Have been appointed captain of Strathclyde University 2ndXV next year so will be hoping to get a lot more gym sessions in next year with the team.

Training for gym:
Recently around 5 times a week. Won't list daily routines but will list what i do for some lifts

Squats (3-5 sets, 3-8 reps) 110-130kg (depending how feeling)
Bench 5 sets 3-5 reps 60kg (bench very weak)
Deadlift: 1 set 5 reps done 100kg before but form pretty bad
Drop Set Dumbell Curls starting with 20 moving down to 5
Dips unweighted
Pullups unweighted

Squat 1RM: 140kg
Bench 1RM: 70kg
Deadlift 1RM: 120kg

Sample Daily Diet (example of big day):
Brunch: 5 eggs, 5 rashes bacon, lots of cheese, milk, bread, 2 scoops hurricane evo
Late Afternoon (b4 gym): 2 scoops hurricane evo
Dinner (after gym): 2 sirloin steaks, 2 rashes bacon, cheese, tomato, some vegetables, pint of beer
Bed: 2 scoops hurricane evo, few pints of beer (at pub or flat)

Before season starts would like to be a solid 100kg (added weight in the scrum will help plus in contact)
Need to improve bench badly
Squat up to around 140 for numerous reps, 160 1RM
Improve deadlift (technique not great)

any help would be much appreciated


Are you a male?

Just wondering.

Also read this







No one seems to be helping the poor lad.


This has some useful tips:



don't think he needs any advice if he's the captain of a rugby team


Who are ya? I train down in strathy. Im sure you'd have seen me.

Why are you concerned about your bench for rugby?

Should be more concerned about squats, deads, cleans etc in my opinion.



Umm, your bench really doesn't seem out of wack at all with your deadlift. Your squats are probably not deep enough ,seeing as how you squat more than you can deadlift. Just get stronger overall, you do not need specialized bench work.


Read Nate Greens interview with Dave Tate "Dave Tate's Six-Week Bench Press Cure" and watch the accompanying video. JonEightPackGuy already posted the link. If your 1RM for the bench is only 70KG then your technique probably sucks so this article will give you a good start on making improvements.
Also your 1RM on the dead lift is lower than your Squat? This shouldn't be the case.

I agree with Octavius, your squat mustn't be going deep enough. You should look at the technique for all your lifts.
If your looking for a proper critique post a video of you actually performing your lifts