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Need To Help My Friend

Hey everyone its my first time to post a meassage, mostly i have just been reading the articles and forums and learning as much as i can about training a nutrition adn such. This post idn’t for me though, it is for my stupid friend. He is only 17 years old and is doign steroids even though he doesn’t have a fucking clue about them. He is on a cycle of T-400, Deca, and D-bol. He is already doing them and can’t be talked out off it so i was wondering if anyone could help me with what to tell him to get to cycle off properly and lessen he side effects which is somethign he didnt even consider so id appreciate it if someone could tell me what he needs to get adn do so i cna relay it to him thanks!

How much of each is he taking? How long will he be on? How long has he been on? I assume this is his first cycle? Give some details and I’ll help you out, though it’s against my better judgement.

tell his mommy to whip his moronic ass. that is what i would do to my 17 year old. morons like this is why the rest of us get a hard time.