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Need to Give Doc Advice on TRT

I’m 39, have been tested for everything under the sun over the past two years and all docs say they can’t find anything wrong. Just recently had blood test and had them test my testosterone. Can’t recal the free test, but overall test was 179.

Doc want to start me on trt 200 mg test cyp followed by 150 mg 7 days later then 100mg to 150mg every 10 days. Said no need to supplement with hCG. My doc, a euro, just started doing trt about 3 weeks ago and from what i’ve read, seems like some hCG or something should be added. Any advice?


Go to this page and download and print the two reports called:


TRT: A Recipe for Success

HCG Update

Your best defense is a good offense. Read and study as much as you can on the subject of TRT. You need to know as much or more than your doctor knows or you’re totally dependent on him and that’s not good.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.

Just a heads up – it is my experience that docs only see the need for HCG if you are trying to conceive a baby.

Other than that situation, they do not see it as part of the protocol for TRT. This is the majority of doctors, so your doc fits right in and is following standard TRT protocol.

And they don’t necessarily see Crisler as a credible source. He is very cutting edge. (I think his stuff makes a lot of sense). So far I have not been able to find anything equivalent in the endocrinology journals, etc.

In my case my doc reacted to Crisler’s article with a lot of scepticism.

So this is what you will be up against if you are trying to add HCG to your TRT regimen.

Some have had luck convincing their doctors. But for most it is going to be a hard sell.

Happydog is right – educate yourself as much as possible. Tell him what you know and go from there.

Or maybe you could just tell him you want a baby.

Thanks for the input. Although I’m 39, we just had our first kid, which is now 12 months old. We’ll be trying for another one in about six months or so, so i’m hoping my doc will treat my situation a bit different.

Thanks again for your input.

When I first went on TRT my doctor would only cycle HCG. After a lot of talking and showing him Dr. Crisler’s articles he still would not add HCG into my HRT. He wanted to cycle it once a year. I now see Dr. Crisler and will have my VOV tomorrow. He did put me on HCG also. I did not want to play with my hormones anymore. I have been suffering long enough.

A lot of doctors depend on the pharmaceutical companies (reps) for there information. All posters are correct you really need to be informed and armed when going into this. I had it lucky. A lot of men aren’t as lucky.
It also takes some time to get everything dialed in. I am still at that stage now. So good luck and welcome