Need to Get Stronger


I’ve been lifting near two years now and my strength is poor. I have been going to the gym consistently during this period as well. I also lift using mainly compound movements but struggle to get stronger. My size has increased during this period about 15kg.

Current Max’s ; 1rm
Squat 100kg
Bench 70kg
Deadlift 115kg
OHP 52.5

I’m also 6"0 foot ,bodyweight 73kg (160 lbs)

What I am asking for is some advice or a structured program to follow to get stronger?


I’d recommend you get on starting strength and eat at a caloric surplus.

You should try stronglifts 5x5 or starting strength. You said that u struggle to get stronger. Maybe u should work on your form for the compound movements. Give theese programs some time. Eventually u will progress.

[quote]janson8000 wrote:
and eat at a caloric surplus.[/quote]

This. Most light people who are strong are also short. As a taller guy, you need to add mass to get strong.

Taken the advice on board and will start starting strength . Thanks

You’ve spent 2 years lifting so take 6 weeks of your time and follow this program to the letter.
Do it exactly as written and you will get stronger.

Try eating that’ll help alot.

[quote]Dr slugs wrote:
Taken the advice on board and will start starting strength . Thanks [/quote]
That’ll work fine… as long as you eat enough to support recovery and growth. If you’re not gaining bodyweight every single week, you need to bump up your calories (from carbs, fats, and protein).