Need to get ripped quick

OK, I spent this entire summer bulking up, and I am very happy with the results, however as a result of having done no cardio in order to put on muscle( my own fault) I have developed a layer of fat on my stomach, not a gut, but there is much to be desired. Anyway, the realization finally hit me that I am going to college for freshman orientation in 1 week (I want to make a good first impression), So I realize that it takes a long time to get cut, however does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get more cut in 1 week? My plan was to drop my calories, and ingest only 100g grams of carbohydrates a day, the rest in protein, as well I was going to use hydroxycut (I dont have access to MD6), drink a ton of water and do some interval cardio. Any other ideas, if it is useful I am 6’ tall and 188 pounds and 18 years old. Once I am at school I plan to go on a regular cutting phase.

1 week. This presents a special problem. If I told you how to lose as much fat/weight as possible, you would look and feel like crap at the end of the week. Your muscles would be flat and you would have no energy. So maybe there is a way to modify it. I would seriously reduce calories and carbs for about 5 days. (like the fat fast sort of I guess). Do cardio every day for 30 minutes. Take a thermogenic. (md6 preferably, but since no access, it doesnt really matter). Take taraxatone but I wouldnt use it for more than 4-5 days straight. If you want to fill out, add carbs the day before you want to fill out. Youre gonna have to go extreme, but if it matters to you that much and you only have 1 week, do you really have a choice?