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Need to Get More Agressive


does anyone have any tips of how to improve my agressivness maybe how to get into a mental setting or something, i need to get more agressive for football


Punch yourself in the nuts!


you just have to want to win badly enough.


Let me borrow your girlfriend.


Gardencatering? First of all, gardening is for pussies. Stop it. In fact, take off your pink ballet slippers and put on some manly work boots; go stomp every one of your little flowers in the ground while grunting and thumping your chest.

That should kick start your gonads into producing testosterone instead of chamomile.

Next, you sound like a pussy vegetarian. Stop that shit too. Eat meat. Preferably raw. Use your hands. Make sure to burp and fart loudly while at the table. If other people eat with you, make sure they're offended to the point of commenting on it. Extra points if some leave because of the smell. You're now well on your way to becoming a man.

In a few days, You will notice hair growing on various parts of your body. Do not start to cry, that is normal. Also, your peepee will get longer and stand up by itself. Your peepee is now a fuckfuck. We'll explain that one later. Just don't cry, everything is going as planned.

Oh, while I'm on the subject; crying is over, you don't do that anymore. Exceptions: You spill the last cold beer OR your team loses the cup by 1 goal in overtime. In those two circumstances, and no others, you're allowed one tear.

Back to our plan to ungirlize you:

Put some Jalapeno peppers in your football pants. See? Some vegetables can be useful. Make sure you "go commando" for your next game. When your teammates comment on your "hot girlie ass", they'll never know how right they are.

If you've read up to here, you should already be feeling more aggressive. If you're dumb enough, you might even be experiencing a touch of anger. See how easy it is?


Train around people who are nuts about training, too.


Yah, you probably want to start with a new nick.

\|/ 3Toes


gardencatering is a reasruante that i work it it has nothing to do with gardening, its a fried chicken fast food reasruante i just couldn't think of anyother name i never gardened in my life


Well I garden and I love it

My work can be stressful, and my workouts tough. I find great peace and some great stress relief in my flowers

Sorry, I just couldn't stand by a let it go. I said it and now I gotta live with it.



Do you really need to be more aggressive though? Try focusing on that feeling for your game, but in life I think it's better to be calm about things.

I actually think you're on the right track with the gardening and taking time out. Save up all the angst for the game and let it rip!

When I was competing, listening to thrashy music always helped get me there.


Two words.... Heavy Metal
Blast some slayer, bodom and megadeth to get you fired up. Music can be very powerful.


Maybe not more anger, but more focus....


Stay away from your girl before a game




are you not doing well, or did someone say you need to be more aggressive? if you're still playing well, who cares? if not, you need to look at your motivation for playing....figure out why you want to win, or at least, don't want to lose.


try to punch out jackass, you'll either get really agressive or get sent to wherever warriors go when they die
in battle