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Need To Get Bigger


im 19, 68kg, and around 6-7% body fat and my friend allways tells me to get bigger eat more, but how do i get bigger with limited money for food resources and are a full time student who cant fit the picnic basket in his bag full of food?...ive orded some TRIBEX to help with my improvement and my workout routein is downpacked, so i was hopeing for some extra knowledge on getting bigger with limited resources?


Small changes can make a big difference.

Each some cottage cheese with nuts right before bed (over night you're in a fasted state and your body begins consuming muscle tissue: read up on "catabolism" and why I reccomended cottage cheese in particular.

Spend some time one computer or in the bookstore making a list of foods that "nutrient dense": that means they give you a lot of calories in a small amount of food. Nuts for example. Make a habit of eating a big handful between breakfast and lunch and again later on, between lunch and dinner. Everytime you eat toast, spread peanut butter on it. When you eat a sandwich, add a couple slices of cheese.


Unfortunately buddy, TRIBEX is probably a bit of a waste at your age, your T levels are gonna be already about as high as they can get.

If I were you I'd invest in a rice cooker and buy lots of baked beans. Baked beans + rice = complete protein + carbs which is excellent bulking fuel. One 840g can a day, divided into 2 meals will provide about 1500 extra calories.


Well, the biggest focus should be on your pre, post-workout drink and breakfast. I think the cheapest thing would be to get a big tub of whey and man up to drinking it with just water. I wouldn't waste my money on any T-Boosters, simply because your age. Oh and don't forget about food that's on sale, you might be able to save more money then you think.

*And a tip on buying protein (considering your funds), if you goto a supplement store, the protein powders that are like 6 months from expiring are somewhere around 40% off.


I always wonder how people can be "too broke" to buy food but can buy supplements :stuck_out_tongue:


you dont need TRIBEX at this age its for old people with low T levels

Big break fast of low gi carbs and protein, and big dinner and before bed meals of protein and good fats these meals you will most likely be at home and able to put effort into prep

as for money make a list of the highest bang for buck foods, mince meat is cheap and has as much or more protein than any steak,eggs are cheap, tuna cans are cheap
olive oil for before bed is cheap, become an expert shopper

jabba jabba woop


You can get lots of chicken pretty cheap. I can get a months worth for about $50-$60 bucks.


olive oil for before bed is cheap, become an expert shopper

I dont think olive oil is cheap...


you are obviously not an expert shopper,
1L of olive oil has 50 serves of 20grms
18 grams of that is good fat, a bottle is around $10-$11 which is pretty cheap per serve and for the quality of the product.


As a fellow student I know your pain and have posted the same question on here as well! The best things I have learned are as follows:
1) Go for pasta if you want to bulk up, its cheap, will last for several meals, and will give you the carbs you need.
2) Eggs and milk are cheap sources of protein and will give you some extra calories.
3) Watch for meat when it goes on sale. When our stores have buy 3 get 3 free on chicken breasts I stock up and freeze the ones I don't cook right away. It will last you for weeks that way and save a ton of money.
4) Spend what little money we students have on protein powder, not T-boosters, you'll get more bang for your buck.
5) Get a large tub of oatmeal, it's cheap and can be used with any meal! Extra hint: add it to your protein drink along with milk for a cheap mans version of a mass shake.

Hope that helps man and good luck! If you get a job during the summer or something you can upgrade the quality of food you buy, always but the best food you can affoard.


If your budget is limited, don't waste it ordering supplements. Buy food. Rice is cheap. You need protein but no need to go overboard. The beans and rice suggestion was a good one. Do you live at home or away at college? Can you get a job? What does your current training look like? How tall are you because 68kg is light. Once you start trying to gain, don't worry about your abs or putting on a little fat. Just don't be retarded in how you eat.

Basic guidelines:
1) Eat. A lot (even on a limited budget you can get food. And if you're not working, there's no reason not to start)

2)Lift heavy things. You can do a full body routine or a split but make sure that you hit each bodypart 2x a week.

3)Repeat. Consistency is the key. Getting bigger is simple (do 1 and 2). Being consistent is the hard part for most people.