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Need to Get Bigger!


im 5'9 197 pounds. i play football and i run a 4.9 40.
Bench: 285x1
Military: 185 x1

i want to get bigger and stronger. Someone please help!


I would suggest eating more. That's a good start.

Current routine and diet?


Eat lots, lift heavy? No one's gonna write you up a program for free.











By the way, what does a 4.9 forty have to do with anything?


1 start squatting to parallel, which is where the top of your knee is parallel with the top of your hip. It's humbling at first, but the greater depth allows more stress to be put on the muscle, as well as more recruitment of the hamstrings and glutes. And, no one here takes a squat seriously unless it's to at least parallel.

2 go look up Rippetoes Starting Strength in the search feature in the upper right hand corner. It's been thrown around a lot in the beginner forum because it's a really great routine at getting stronger and putting on more mass.

3 If you're interested in maintaining your conditioning (4.9 40), keep sprinting on days when you're not lifting. I'm assuming you already know how to train for this.

4 eat enough to make sure you're gaining about a pound a week. Get 200 grams of protein a day, and the vast majority of the weight you gain will be muscle. If you start gaining more than a pound a week, you may want to eat a little less. If you're not gaining fast enough, eat a little more.

Read the top four threads in the beginner forum. They're filled with wonderful and excellent advice you may or may not have yet thought to ask. Welcome to the Nation, and good luck with your goals.


He wants to get bigger for football well getting faster. Your forty in football is like vertical jump in basketball its crucial. Kelly bagget has some good shit. His no bull speed manual is pretty much made for getting bigger and faster for football. West side for skinny bastards. those are two that are good for size and overall athletiscm.


So what can he backflip? We all know that is how people really judge football players.


How can you get to these numbers and NOT know the answers to your questions?

I would suggest continuing what you were doing. IE not changing a thing.


squat. lower.


I was thinking the same thing. And those numbers along with a 4.9 40 is impressive.
I don't think someone with these numbers can benefit from SS.

The deadlift is still rather weak in relation to the squat however. That needs to be improved on.
I'd suggest heading over to Joe DeFranco's site and going through the Westside For Skinny Bastards routine. Plenty of information there to keep your conditioning up to scratch also




I'm sorry, I guess I got confused where OP wrote that he wanted to get "bigger and stronger", yet didn't mention a damn thing about getting faster.



Maybe I'm dumb for thinking someone wouldn't be trolling a beginners forum?


It would help if you posted real numbers (what's up with the DL:Squat ratio) and a bit about your diet, training.




In football unless your lineman at 5,9 you need to be fast the OP is still fast but I have never heard of a football player saying no I don't want .2 seconds of my forty I just want to get bigger. No need to get angry about it but i figure you would use some common since.


It's not a question of common sense. This is a beginners forum, and the op asked about getting bigger and stronger, he did not mention getting faster. There is no speed forum on this site, so my common sense would suggest that the op would pose a question about getting faster at another site. Hence, there is no reason to post your time in the forty. I have seen many posts from football players wanting to get bigger and stronger, but none that I recall posted their forty time.

Perhaps the poster is proud of his forty time, which would suggest that he has already made improvements on it. If he has made improvements, he would probably already know about Kelly Bagget and his No Bull Speed, which would make your advice moot.

And why hasn't the op commented on this thread?


Thanks for the help, I posted my 40 time because i would like to keep my athleticsm while i get bigger, but also i forgot to mention that i have plateaued in all my lifts and im getting very frustrated.
MY routine looks like this:

Monday: Chest and arms
Bench press 5 sets 10,8,6,4,2
DB Flat bench: 3 Sets 6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Curls: 3x10

Tuesday: Legs
Squat: 5 sets 10, 8,6,4,2
Deadlift: 4 sets 6,4,3,2
Front squat: 3 sets 6,4,2

Wednesday: Back and shoulders
Military PRess: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
LAteral Raises: 3x10
Shrugs: 4 Sets 8,6,4,2
DB rows: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 3x10

Friday: Complete upper body
Bench press: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Dips: 3x10
Db row: 4 sets 8,6,4,2
Chinups: 4x8
LAteral raises: 3x10

I dont have a set diet i just eat a lot of foods packed with protein, Nuts,chicken, steak, cold cuts, whey protein, Peanut butter, etc

thanks for the help


my grip sucks that is why my deadlift and squat ratio is so off


Use chalk, straps or hooks to allow you to deadlift past the limitations of your grip. Some people say it's cheating, but I say you're cheating your posterior chain by letting your grip limit your potential.