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Need To Get Big Fast


im 15 my names zac and i weigh 155 pounds. i am 5'11" i am starting weight training soon and have no knowlegde of what to begin with and no idea of a plan to follow being im in soccer i have a lot of lower leg muscle but alas virtually no upper body strength at all.
i have friends on roids, and they say only good things about them, but, from peopole not on them i hear only bad things.
what should i do to better my physical appearance for the rest of my life.
are roids ok?
thanx for any help



The most disturbing part of this post was that are roid's okay!

First off your 15 and 155 lbs, you shouldn't even be touching that stuff. You have no knowledge of how to take steroids and minimize the effects of steroids.

Basically the best advice for you read what's on this site and stay far away from steroids.


No, roids are not good! For Christ sake, your a 15 year old kid. You need to grow up and let your body develop, not destroy it. Eat alot, sleep alot, exercise and enjoy your young life (it doesn't last that long). Don't worry about getting big, worry about not being an asshole and reaching 18.


If you truly want to get big fast then you found the right place. First I think you should ask yourself a very reasonable question "why do I want to get big". Then take into consideration the pros and cons.

At your age eating is one of the most important things you can do to get big. A lot of nutritional food will do more for you than you can ever imagine, but take into consideration the high costs of food. Also take into consideration that once you get big you will need to keep eating big to maintain.

Read the articles and learn a few things. Then it's time to pick a routine. Check out a posts in the beginners forum called are you a beginner II. This is a good place to start. If you are an athlete then you might want to consider gettting stronger but not necessarily putting on tons of mass. Westside for skinny bastards is a good choice in this case.

Set simple goals for yourself and keep your head up. Don't expect to see freakish gains in little time. If you really do want to get big take into consideration that you can only put on about 1lb of lean muscle mass per weak if you are lucky.

And stay the fuck away from roids! Your penis and the ladies will thank us later for giving you that advice!!!


'Roids are bad, mkay?


When I was your age I weighed 150 and wanted to get bigger. My Mom's boyfriend at the time had a book called "Massive Muscles In 10 Weeks." I followed the program for 10 weeks and beyond for the entire summer, and ate everything I could. I gained 15 lbs. in one summer. Haha, I even remember my bedtime meal would be some 2000 calorie muscle gainer with ice cream and eggs thrown in, lmao. Anyways, enough rambling.

In your case, this entire site might as well be called "Massive Muscles In 10 Weeks." The thing is, when you are new to training anything will work and work fast. Go through the archives and find a workout that you think you would enjoy doing, and dammit eat a lot. Oh ya, and only lift what you can lift, no ego. If you can only bench the bar, only bench the bar, you can't grow when you are injured.

As for roids, roids are OK, but not for you. Roids are expensive and if not taken properly are harmful. You can get by on food and weights alone right now. 5 years from now, if you have continued to train and refined your diet and find that gains are coming slowly, then you can think about roids.


In Vroom's excellent thread you can probably find EVERYTHING you need to know.


Regarding steroids, read this guys story.


read, read and learn. Apply your new knowledge and you WILL grow, so fast it might be scary :wink: Wish I had all this info available when I was 15.

Good luck


I don't give alot of adivce on this site, but I feel like I was in your shoes not too long ago and made every dumb mistake I can think of.

When I was about 15 I jumped into training, dieting and lifting like a madman. I got in on one of those free trial offers from Flex magazine and I was hooked. I bought all of it hook line and sinker. Pretty much my whole life was absorbed by training for several years. While this did take my mind off of some issues at home, it wasn't very productive.

So with that in mind, I suggest first and foremost: be a kid. Don't worry about counting out everything you eat or logging down every detail of your training. Have fun, don't stress out about it and have fun some more.

Train the whole body. Pick a program and train the whole body when you train. Do squats, deadlifts, pull ups/chin ups and overhead presses. Stay away from machines. Learn to perform the olympic lifts if you can.

Don't believe all the junk from muscle magazines about aerobic exercise stunting your gains. You're 15, run, jump, play sports and grow. Don't worry about it. When you're a competitive strength athlete you can carefully plan out your other physical activities to maximize your gains.

Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. Don't get too caught up in dieting. You're 15. Eat. Eat everything your parents feed you, and maybe do a serving a day of Grow!.

Stay away from expensive supplements. You don't need them to make gains.

Steroids are a tool. Nothing more. There are no more good or bad than a hammer, though they are a more exacting tool. Like an automobile, if you are careful, informed and not an ass, you can use them both safely.

You don't need steroids at 15. Period. Anyone in high school who is using steroids is an idiot. (I hope you teen juicers are out there reading this and take offense at it, because you are.)

Hope all that helps.


Ummmm....yeahhhh. We're goona need you to just grow like a regular kid, and eat right, then when your 21 and done growing naturally, then maybe we'll talk about roids,....that'd be great.


Listen to the D-Tap with Cy Wilson. He and Chris talk extensively about steroid use in it. Steroids are nothing to fool around with. Taking them at your age would be silly.


Heh, Office Space.


Uhhhhh....yeah...did you get the memo about the 'roids? Riiiiggghhhhttt. Well, I'm gonna need you to start looking into that. Great.


You don't need to get big fast. You're 15 years old, you have plenty of time to get big.

But you can start to grow now, just by starting to work out.


thanx for info i was upset about what people had been saying to and about me im over it and doing an exercise program called body for life and the only reason i was really bent out of shape is cuz im kind of a couch potato, but that is all about to change thanx peeps...
till next time
me lol


Ahh, the old "Body for life" by Bill P. Not a bad program to get started on but people tend to "get stuck" after a while. The "one program fits all" doesn't work in the long run, when you feel the results are slowing down, check out one of the many programs here on T-Nation. But remember, food is the key to "success" your diet is just (or more) important than the program.

Good luck


Hiya, im 15 hence my name erm i'm thinking bout taking roids but im gonnar leave it for few years untill iv got a gd base to start with and i hav sortid my diet out propally, i no roids ar bad for u but i hav a dream of being 318lb 6ft5, im 150lb 6ft now so when i hav reached 6ft 5 if i do i will start taking roids i will only do 1cycle, coz i no some of the side effect , reduce sperm count loss of bodyhair,cancer,tumars and stuff thats y im gonnar leav it for bit if there r any 15year olds out there wanna take roids now my advise is dont take them few years down the line.You need a gd diet and gd workout for them to actually take full affect.

I hav got personal trainer at mo and since he has been helping me i hav nothiced better gains.I was on creatine for bout 2weeks heavy then come off for 2weeks and nothiced really gd gains my advise for any 15year olds out there is eat and rest and workout. No food=loss of mass so eat take protein drinks the best1 out there at tho mo i think is whey protein.i hope this has helped some1 out cheers.......


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Also, kids, quit talking about steroids. They're not for you and you don't need them. Shut up and do what you're told.



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