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Need To Get Big And Ripped

I’m looking for a new routine to keep me interested here are my stats.

Chest 43’’
Arms 15.5’’
Waist 33’’
Calfs 15.5’’
Upper leg 23.5’
Weight 90ish kg
Height 6’2’’
neck 16.5’’
arse a bit flabby.
bf i dont know but around 14%.

I’m looking to bulk for the next 4-6weeks. looking for a 3 or 4 day a week workout. Any help would be appreciated

Read the “are you a beginner” thread at the top of this page. Within the thread, there are a bunch of very good training programs. Pick one, and starting busting your ass.

Doug is on the right track. Bulking or cutting shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary at this point. Just kick ass on a good beginners routine for a while and eat reasonable amounts of good food over six meals a day.

How much “bulk” do you plan on gaining in a few weeks? Once you have a grip on where you’re headed more precise plans will make sense. If you are “flabby” you will lose some of that just by getting started in the right direction.