Need to Get a Fever

I’m trying to get out of going to my Grandparents’ anniversary party this weekend. Is there any way to temporarily raise my body temp to about 100 or 101 without doing something dangerous?

I don’t know, but I will leave you with this quote!

“I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!”

lol I love the cowbell!

Before you skip out on the anniversary, ask yourself how many of these parties are left? I wish I did that more when my grandparents were around.

“That last time I checked, there weren’t many songs that featured the cow bell”

Make some coffee or tea and make sure it’s hot, but not too hot that it will burn you, and leave it in your mouth for about a minute. Then take your temperature immediately after that. It worked for my friend so you can give it a shot if you want.

Babies, before we’re done here, y’all be wearing gold-plated diapers. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ?!?!!?

I wish Will would come back to SNL. He was hilarious.

Go to the party. When you’re older you’ll be glad you did.

Be a true T-man and just tell them that you have something better to do. Don’t hide behind some fake illness.

I don’t know what your family situation is like, but for me family comes first.

If they ARE a bunch of f-ups and that’s why you don’t want to go, then refer back to my original statement cause you’ll be entirely justified in saying that to them.


Sorry, Will Ferrel has gotten the better of me…

Go the anniversary party. Look, I’m sure you have something more fun to do, but you should be there for your family no matter what. When you grow up, you will regret having put yourself first.

Take advantage of every opportunity you get to spend with your grandparents, you don’t know how much longer they’ll be around.

I agree with HB.

Go, or don’t go. Don’t lie to your family.

What have I started? LOL…sorry to hijack. Go, or else you will regret it when they are gone.

I put on my pants just like you…one leg at a time. Except when these pants are on…I make gold records…baby!

ahahah more cowbell, you rock, i loved that skit.

Yes, go to the party, you will regret it when they are not around anymore.

“You’re hungry aren’t you”

Will is AWESOME…I cannot wait until his new movie comes out :slight_smile:

Go to the party!!



Need to get a fever to get out of something. What are you, in third grade? Meanwhile, I’m going to need more cow bell. Don’t be afraid to explore the space.