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Need to Gain Weight


Currently,i weigh 160,6'4"; i wanted to know would it be possible to weigh 170-180 by about nov. by using creatine in aug. also i plan to use creatine, what form would work best for me?? lstly, just got off the WSSB prog. saw some results. HELP!!!


Godamn you are even skinnier than I was when I started (6'4" 170#). I've gained 30 pounds of quality weight (body fat has actually slightly decreased) in the past 7 months so what you are trying for is definitly possible. EAT!!!!

Oh yeah, creatine monohydrate, you can get it from this very site.


What do your program and diet look like?

I would guess that you just need to eat a lot more food - like past when you feel full as you probably aren't eating that much given your weight. As far as the creatine is concerned it is secondary to getting your training and nutritional houses in order.


my prog. is the westisde prog. it really has helped me gain muscle. just trying to gain some size. my diet needs help. i'm only three meals try to do at least four a day. when i was on tghe protein i gained four lbs. want to be at 170 maybe 180 by nov. 2006. is this feasible??


For the love of God speak english.

Since you already have a good program, search for JB's massive eating calculator and enter your stats. No need to enter it three times, either; its not broken.


Yup you need to learn to eat. Before even creatine. go for the massive eating and massive eating reloaded articles and learn to do high rep fork, spoon and cup curls.

Oh and this had me cracking up. You gained four LBS when you were


Man thats like be "ON" the chicken breast. You dont cycle or be "ON" protein its food eat/drink it and more of it.

Best of luck,


Shoud?nt be any problem at all.

Step 1 http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=668319

Step 2 http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=body_146mass

Step 3 http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=body_147mass

Just stay focused and give it your all.


Since, I have last posted in this forum, I have batled with my weight b/c it has fluctated ~ 5 lbs. Atm, I'm making progress; have not weighed myself as of late; i'm seeing stretchmarks which is a good sign, imo.


Could you elaborate on this post a bit? Battled how? 5 lbs? Stretchmarks from what? I'm asking in all sincerity.


I'm seeing stretchmarks atm; don't feel as though I'm gaining weight. Also, I've been on/off whey protein since I have started using it; I've gained weight while on it; sometimes I don't gain very much, if any. Any suggestions or advice? Be Honest!


Read Cy Wilsons article on Nutrition for Skinny Bastards.

In terms of supplements, I'd recommend Metabolic Drive Complete, Surge, Creatine, and BCAA's. Also, look into Omegazyme Digestive Enzymes from Garden of Life, they should help you out alot bulking.

I'm not sure what you're doing for training, but a good place to start would be Dan John's One Lift A Day program. Like he said, simple, but not easy. If you do that program for 3-4 months, put in a ton of effort, and eat the right way (which in your case is a ton of carbs, protien, and fat), you'll be on your way to 200 pounds.

Take it one step at a time, and realize the iron game isn't a sprint; you want to be in this for the long haul.



You need to eat at least 6 meals (7-8 would be better) every single day, not five, not four and definitely not three.

One question (that's already been asked) that I would like to ask you is "why on earth have you been on and off of whey protein?" Especially if you've "gained weight while on it." Isn't gaining weight you goal? So why would you stop doing something that is getting you closer to your goal?

You also need to realize that it can be hard to "feel" whether or not you're gaining (unless perhaps you've been at this for a while and are really in tune with your body). You need to weigh yourself periodically, or at least notice improvements in the mirror.

The fact that you're seeing stretchmarks is a good sign though. It means that you are indeed growing.

My suggestion to you is to do a food log for a week. Take down absolutely everything you eat for an entire week. At the end tally up how many calories you have been taking in per day. Then do as rrjc suggested and plug your stats into JB's massive eating calculator. My guess is that you will be below that number.

Then it's just a matter of adjusting calories accordingly.

Good training,




Heres the calculator that will give you a guideline of how much you should be eating. The one that was mentioned earlier. This calc usually gives you the bigger end of the spectrum.


If all else fails ..."squats & milk". This has become the failsafe for T-Nation.


is this guy for real...?