Need to gain weight

hey t-guys,
Ill cut to the chase, im 5’8 135 and still in high school. I’ve been trying to gain weight for a while now and nothing seems to work. I read stick-boys forums and leaned a lot, but also heard a lot of the same things. for some of the people that responded saying they’ve gone from the low hundreds like 130lbs’s-140lbs’s to 200lbs is amazing. I was wondering if you guys incorperated steriods into your diet to give you a boost to gain all that weight, im willing to use steriods because i want to feel better about myself, but i want to know what works and how long of a cycle to use if that’s what you did. Your help is really needed. thanks

Hello slim jim…welcome to the forum…look…your a youngin…what your seeing is people who did this for YEARS. You cannot expect to put on 50 pounds of muscle in six months…or everyone would be huge! Doing steriods…at your age…I do not recommend it. Put it this way, I have been lifting for about 8 years…very seriously the last 7 or so. I am just now starting to dabble in the chemical side of things. Almost anyone here will tell you…lift for 5 years or so first…if you keep it up that long…then you have the right to play with the roids…before that…you still have too much to learn. Please please read the diet manifesto, and massive eating…you can lift your ass off, if you are not eating right…your not gonna grow much. Please, take all the advice we gave to stick boy…and show us it wasn’t in vain. We usually flame newbies for asking questions that they could find the answers to in the online mag…but we were kind to stick boy and he kicked us in the teeth. If you take our advice to heart…and actually USE it…perhaps it wasn’t all in vain. Good luck.

Get on a good program of training, there are lots of them on this site. Same with diet, there are lots of those here as well. You are far too young to use steroids. You already have a built in supply until you’re 21 or so anyway. Train right, eat enough, and sleep and you’ll grow like a weed. I know I did when I was your age. I went from 135 to 165 in a year. I ate like a horse and lifted 3 days a week every week, no skipping workouts. I had a six pack the whole time so I gained little or no fat in that time. Enjoy that while you can. Good luck.

i know this isn’t the answer your looking for, but you most likely won’t gain a significant amount of weight until you’re out of HS. I worked out in HS but didn’t start to pack on size until college, a which point i put on a solid 20+ lbs of muscle over those 4 years.
I know what its like to be in HS and want that size, but its not worth playing with your health at that age. You should wait until you’ve reached your genetic potential before you even think of using juice. And if you think steroids are the answer to your self-esteem problems, how do you think you’ll feel when people in school are gossiping about your use of the juice, your bloated face, your gyno, and your massive case of acne?

Slim J, congrats on joining our brotherhood. Here’s what I think you should do… Read the “massive eating” articles (there are two of them), do the math, figure out how many calories you should be taking in a day, then write yourself up a daily food regimine. You can even email me at, and I’ll help you do it if you need some guidance. Don’t worry if you eat the same things every day. Write it up and follow it… consistently. If you do that combined with a smart, 3 or 4 day a week training program, you’ll get bigger.

And don't expect miracles little bro... If you put on 10 lbs of muscle in twelve weeks that's absolutely fantastic, and if you're smart and disciplined, I think that's a reasonable goal. Just stick with it and learn to enjoy the lifestyle and the comraderie you'll find in the gym.

Slim-J, you are in the same position I was in when I was in high school. I played basketball and golf, and was a lanky 6’, 155 lbs at graduation. However, like EAG said, most of your growth will come after high school. In my four years at college, I’ve trained my ass off, watched what I have eaten, and supplemented smart (and legal thus far) to the point that I am a solid 208lbs and 9% BF. It can be done, just let nature take its course. I know it can be a mental drain, wanting to get big fast. But when you finally do start getting that size, it makes it that much more satisfying knowing that you put all that work into it. Good luck man.