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Need to Gain Weight Bad

Hello, my name is josh and I am 19 yrs old around 5 10" and a 130 pounds. I was wondering if anyone out there is willing to pass off their wisdom on how a skinny bag of bones like me should work out and how/what I should eat. I do realize the key to gain weight for skinny guys like me is to eat, but my problem is that I am a novice when it comes to working out and health foods ( protein shakes, supplements and so on).

So what I am mainly asking is, can some one tell me a good work out routine and a good product line of weight gainers I should use and please not to expensive because I am an e-3 in the military so I do not have too much money.


you can thank Berardi and the rest of T-goers later.

Diet wise, You should understand one thing before any other.

Supplements are supplements.
Read up on Berardi and Lowery in the archives. They have some very good advice on eating food.

Once you have established good dietary practices(eating), then you can start thinking about supps.

You will have probably moved up the pay scale a few notches by then too.

At every meal you eat (which should be at least 6) have a large spoonful of peanut butter. That’ll be an easy extra 1000 cals and will be your ticket to weight gain.