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Need to find cheaper HCG or alternative


Been on TRT for a little over 1 year now. Take Depo Test, anastrazole and HCG. Have found great price for Test and the AI, but insurance does not cover HCG so I have been paying a high price for cash patient, but it is now up to $280 for 10,000IU! None of the pharmacies in the area are able to order Pregnyl or Novarel as a replacement because the company they order from is currently not carrying either one. I live in los angeles area, does anyone have any advice of a way to get it cheaper? Is there someone online I could order it? Have tried a prior authorization already with insurance and they denied it, trying one more time this week.


they had to have mine fed exd to them, but worth it


I have already tried Pregnyl and Novarell at all of my local pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, etc) and none of them are able to order it from the company that stocks their supplies.


There are 7 stickies in this forum. See “finding a TRT doc”, call compounding pharmacies and ask about hCG, probably compounded with vit B12


Wells Pharmacy out of FL. get your doc to hook up with them, he will then get a price list and have tons of stuff available to
him (to his patients) for very discounted, non-insurance prices. A 10,000iu bottle of HCG costs me $40 plus shipping.


It’s the same in Canada right now. I got quoted about 300 for another brand of hCG because Pregnyl isn’t available (anywhere except fertility clinics that stockpile it). I found a news release for pharmacists that said Merck was reallocating stock to avoid the gray market whatever the hell that means. It also said Pregnyl will be available mid-March so just keep checking the pharmacy for supply availability. I hunted around and found a vial for 150. I usually pay 99 for Pregnyl.


I’d check with some compounding pharmacies in your area to see what their pricing is like. It’s not going to be dirt cheap, but it should be a hell of a lot less than $280.