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Need to Extend My Cycle?


Warning: 3rd world problem coming up.

Hi friends!

I have a deload week every 2 cycles or in other words every 6 weeks I have a week off.
I am just about to end my 6th week this week and hence start my reload week.

My problem is that I am going to a conference for a week in another city and I will not be able to train. This is not until the end of next week (at the end of my scheduled deload). To avoid reloading for 2 whole weeks I want to train in the week leading up to the week I am away, and use my conference week as a deload week.

What should I do in that week before I go away? Repeat week 3?



I’m sure the boss will weigh in here, but I ran into this a lot last year. I would usually anticipate and repeat the 3’s week twice, then the 531 week to land the deload on a travel week.


Just start your next cycle and after your trip continue where left of


Whenever things like this creep into my mind, I think: what’s the impact of this in 6 to 9 months time and I take action accordingly.


I have this sort of thing happen to me multiple times per year as a result of work obligations. I usually repeat the 3’s or 5’s week, depending how I feel, and try to beat my last PR at that weight. I don’t think it matters that much as long as you’re Training and working the muscle(s). Life throws us curve balls and at least IMO it’s the consistency over time that makes the difference, and not so much the individual Training sessions.


Just do the next week of the cycle. Don’t overthink this too much.


This is one of the reasons why I do not do planned deloads. I just take time off when I need to and pick up where I left off.


Thanks coach and to all the others who replied.

I suppose I was over thinking things too much.