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Need to End Cycle After 2 Weeks. Need PCT or Good Quitting Cold Turkey?

So i decided to quit my cycle early. It was 300 mg test-e/week and i did 2 shots of 150 mg twice a week. Total of 4 shots and 2 weeks. Do i need any kind of pct or im okay just quitting cold turkey?

Eh. Tough call. The downside to pct would be…well nothing, really. Maybe some side effects from the SERM, but otherwise it shouldn’t really be that bad. The downside to cold turkey could be a state of shutdown slowly leading back to low testosterone that persists for weeks on end. It’s 6-5 and pick ‘em, man. If it were me I would run the pct for four weeks and then get blood work two weeks later to verify that I was back up and running.


I will second what iron said. Basically you are on the line in regards to time on test e for shutdown of natural production. When you look at your options then most dont actually needs PCT, because eventually the body will recover it just might be years in some cases. So since you are on the time frame line for the amount of time on synthetic to shutdown natural then you have a somewhat decent chance for a fairly quick natural recovery. But what if you are one of those guys that just one shot shuts down everything. Even if you really are one of those guys that recovers easily with no help even after the harshest cycle, PCT isn’t going to hurt you. If you have total shutdown then PCT will definitely help you. Basically what I am getting at is PCT will basically only benefit you where as no PCT could leave you hurting. Provided the cost of PCT isn’t an manageable burden then I would think it’s the safest choice for actual health and emotional ease as well.

I’m not sure if I made sense but I tried.

Okay, i think i wait 2 weeks after my last shot and then take tamoxifen 40/40/20/20. Will i be okay only on tamoxifen for pct?

Yes that is a perfectly adequate PCT regiment. Guys run that with success for extended cycles with multiple compounds. It is the tried and true answer for a reason.