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Need to drop fat

I started Ian King’s 12 week chest and back a while ago, and now I’m about to get into the 4th phase, the toughest one. The thing is, I decided I was not lean enough for the summer here in the southern hemisphere, and decided to do the T-Dawg diet with some cardio. I’m thinking of swimming (short distances at a time: 50 meters) with long rests. About 40 min. 2x a week. Am I totally negating any benefit from the workout? When should I schedule the cardio?

What is your progress so far…???
I have been thinking to start on the program…

so far, pretty good. the strength gains in Ian’s program are pretty amazing. I had been stuck with my bench and now, after some time off and all and the first phase of his program, I went from 150 lbs. for 10 reps with 402 tempo, to 205 lbs in a 311 tempo for 6 reps. Gains in strength I guess are greater than in terms of hypertrophy. Just from doing the diet, you lose water, so you look cut, and your muscles look larger. Therefore, hard to accurately measure hypertrophy. Still considering I’ve lost 2 lbs. in 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure I lost more than that in terms water + fat, I’ve probably gained some muscle.

Don’t forget to keep food and training log. It’s good to be sure that your poundages are not going down while on this diet.

NICE…but i think i will eat quite a bit
…since this program is for size and strenght!