Need to drop 40 lbs in 3 months

O.K T-Folks, I need some adice as to the best way to drop 40 lbs in three months. I weigh exactly 240 w about 16% bf. My diet has been a bit lax lately but I am going to correct that asap. I wanted to know what you all thought would be the best diet/excercise routine to do this. I am shooting for forty pounds, but if I only get say 25 or 30 I’ll still be in pretty decent shape. I have to do this as I have a bet with a buddy of mine as to who can get in better shape by June 1st. The loser has to wear a shirt that says “I’m a Fat Fuck” to where ever we go that weekend. Also they have to sport the less out of shape body. I’ve researched the site and know most of the diet and excercise plans here at T-Mag, but I’d like to hear from those of you who have done something similiar and succeeded.

Fat Fast, with Md6 and T2, with proper training and cardio, rest, etc. and you should be happy with the results.

A couple of things to look up using the search feature on this site: The Fat Fast Experiment, Steroid Dieting (you could use Mag-10 as a legal alternative). I think some MD6 and T2 are in order. Three months is 12 weeks. At the maximum fat loss goal per week of around 2lbs., you could shed 24 pounds of fat if you are very strict with your diet and training. Plus, you’ll drop a ton of water weight initially from lowering your carbs, so your “weight loss” goal would be reached.

dude, if you’re at 16% at 240, loosing 40 pounds will be (theoretically) 0% bodyfat. that is impossible. shoot for 6% give or take, you’d look good there. at 6%, you’d weight around 215, therefore, loosing around 25 pounds of fat, considering no muscle loss, which there might be a pound or two. I’m about in the same boat i am. i’m looking to dump about 35 pounds myself for about 16 weeks, starting next monday. (my honeymoon is june 23) i weight about 250. Best of luck ! i’d like to hear how yer doing with it.

Berardi says that those who need to lose a lot of weight can do so faster then those who need to drop a little. See previous Appetite for Construction column. So you could possibly lose 4 pounds a week at first, then two, then later one as you get closer to your goal. Plenty of diet and training info here at T-mag. I’d start with something like the T-Dawg diet with MD6 and T2-Pro.

Wait, are you sure you need to lose 40 pounds of fat? 16% bodyfat isn’t that bad. Is there 40 pounds in there to lose? Or are you (no offense) just guessing you’re at 16% when you could be at 25% I’ve seen alot of people do that.

Thanks for all the advice guys. Podge, congrats on your wedding. I was just married in October myself. Have fun on the Honeymoon. Tek, at this point I am guessing at bf%. You’re probably closer to the mark with the 25% you suggested. I should get it accurately checked. T-Dawg diet sounds good as the fat fast makes me feel like shit. That’s something I’ll try when I lean out a bit to help loose those last few lbs. Actually I don’t need to lose 40 lbs of fat, more like 25, but I physically feel better, and have more energy at around the 200-215 mark. I figure if I shoot for the lower number (200) and I only make it to 210-215, then I’ll still be in real good shape.

Podge is right. At 240 and 16% BF you really couldn’t lose 40 pounds of fat. If you get 25 that will put you at about 6% BF. If you have a decent amount of, muscle you will look great @ 6% BF. I would try Cy Willson’s steroid diet(w/ mag-10), and for training I would alternate using John Davies’ Fat to Fire program(for 3 weeks) with Meltdown Training(for 3 weeks). Now you may not be able to afford mag-10 for 12 weeks at normal dosing. Bill Roberts has said that while dieting you only need half the normal dosing on the bottle. So if you do that then you can go 12 weeks on 3 bottles($200). Whatever you decide good luck.