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Need To Cut Weight

I have a bout coming up on 2/26/04 (Muay Thai). I need to drop from 175 lbs to 165 lbs. I was just hoping to pick up some ideas on how to accomplish this w/out losing too much strength. The weigh in is four hours before the fight.

Not sure. That is alot of weight to cut given that you have same day weigh in and all.

Have you considered surgery or organ donation?

you can use lots of salt on your food for a few days and then cut back to nothing 3-4 days out. then drink less water and sweat the weight out. your body will rebound in the other direction and you’ll be pissing every hour.

(BTW, i think there was an article here on using this technique before an event where you would wanna look cut to really get the water out of your subcutaneous fat and show definition)

healthy? nope.
effective? yea, in my experience.
strength effects? people react differently to getting dehydrated (thats all it is). its not gonna make you a better fighter, but it will make you a lighter fighter. if you out-class your opponent, then go for it. all you gotta do is make the weight.

you need to put the pros up against the cons.


Thanks fellas.