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Need to Cut Fat Quick


Is there a single food I can eat every single meal that is cheap (because Im unemployed) and will allow me to cut body fat. I got layed off and Im trying to get into the military. I havta cut 6 percent body fat to get in. I need help with a cheap diet/supps.... Thanks fellas.


top round steak + veggies + olive oil + fish oil


6% to get into the military? what country is that.. ethiopia?


Cut 6% not cut to 6%


what portions?


im 6'2.5 and 238lbs


Eat less....move around more


Oh shit, sorry OP. My bad


Tuna sandwiches? Mercury rules.




Chicken Breasts are cheap. If you follow Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss plan, you'll eat about 1k calories a day for a while (plus some cheats/refeeds that he explains). It'll drop fat pretty fast overall and is certainly a cheap way to eat.


Bad Indian food