Need to Cut Cycle Short

Due to some really bad back pumps, I need to cut my cycle short, since they are affecting my running. This is my 7th week of Test E at 400mg, and 3rd week of deca at 200mg.

I basically wanna start to taper off the test and just drop the deca. I have read that you usually just drop the test for 2 weeks then start it again at a low dose and taper it off. But, being that I am on the Deca I assume I would have to continue the test for a couple more weeks before I stop it.

So my question is, how much longer should I continue the test after my last deca shot? I believe I read 3 shots following your last Deca shot, is that correct? Also I was planning on tapering these last few shots, and following up with some clomid. I hate that I have to do this, but I am gonna have to start running by next month. Any useful info on how I could end this would be great, Thanks.

My vote is drop the deca immediately, drop the Test E in two weeks (end of week 9,) wait until week 12, and start a standard PCT.

Don’t taper the dosages.