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Need to Cut Body Fat Below 24%

Josh asks:

I am in need of advise on a body transformation. I am in the military, just hit my 18 years of service, and with my job, my eating habits and workouts have sucked over the years. Now that I am in an administrative position I have the potential to turn my life around.

I am requesting advise and recommendations to cut my body fat to below 24% in 10 weeks. By October 24-25 officially.

I follow T-Nation on Facebook and have used Plasma™ and Mag-10® for the Pulse Diet. For a 10 day period back in May 2016 I went from 27% to 26% barely meeting the new standard on body fat for the Navy. The key is that was back in May and I am now 28% and do not want to live like this any more.

Please provide any recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Do one of these for training…

diet:cut out all sugar and go through these steps…

Just to give us an idea of what we’re dealing with. How much do you weight and have you generally swung from poor eating to a plan (like pulse) and back again?

I am sitting at 271. I am often swinging back and forth on eating. I chose pulse feast because it seemed to be a good place to start. And the reviews I read about Mag-10 and Plazma were outstanding.

Yeah, I wouldn’t do any specific diet plan. I’d follow this: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/simple-diet-for-athletes

Depending on how much crap you eat, phase 1 might leave you without much food for the day so add foods from here: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/simple-diet (dont replace all your meals, just thr crap ones)

You should be able to get down to 220 just by doing the above substitute. If you want to drop more weight then just keep progressing on the first plan.

well I think you know what it is you need to change. Getting below 24% bodyfat should not be hard.

Two months is not a very long time. I’d probably do the Velocity Diet initially. .

Follow CTs advice here: