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Need to Cut 25 Pounds in a Month

Hey Lads

     I need to cut 23 pounds while maintaining my strength levels for a weight category strongman comp

currently 319 at 6 foot need to get at 294

can you guys help me with that

Cut out the crap from your diet, limit amount of starchy carbs; consume plenty of protein and BCAA’s esp around workouts and lots of healthy fats. Keep lifting heavy, and maybe add in some energy systems work which would complement your strongman stuff. That should lose some weight without decreasing strength!

[quote]yusef wrote:
Cut out the foul and mahshi. Lisan 3asfoor only for breakfast. La7ma every 3 hours.[/quote]

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foul is an excellent source of protein ya YUSEF


Yusef and Wael where ento meneen Ù?ا رجاÙ?Ù?

V-Diet!!! YAY!!!

no dont

energy systems work on a low carb diet should help.

watch your sodium intake too. (lower it)

When is the weigh-in compared to the competition?

The reason I ask is that if there is plenty of time inbetween such as 24 hours, it’s possible to weigh in at considerably lighter than your “real” weight and still do fine for the competition.

grabs popcorn and watches for potential epic thread

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
grabs popcorn and watches for potential epic thread[/quote]

very very possible am getting bored with the “beast awaken thread”

Not for nothin, but Krocs’ template might be a good idea?


Kroc is a pro at cutting, this guy is not.
so Matt Kroc is not really a practical example of a safe cut for a beginner.

Not for nothing, but you a large large guy, good for you.
this kind of cut, is not so big for someone of your size and body composition.

Clean up your diet,
add in some dreaded cardio
balance your water and sodium intake.
that should get you close the last few pounds you are going to need to sweat out.
really not a big cut at your size.

cutting 5 pounds in two hours is easy.

Hey Yusef I am from Alexandria Cool

My weigh in is at the morning of the competition
I always competed at the 140kg+ category and always won
But this year I wanna go for the best competition at 135 KG
I hate cardio

I used to be a judoka and used to cut alot i remember cutting 15 pounds in two days then winning the Regional u18 champs but i was really weak and won cuz I had gr8 experience and technique

I need to be as strong as ever and I need to finish cutting the weight early