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Need to Contact Platz


Hi folks,

I have a martial arts related project I've been working on in which I wish to include, among many other things, two small pictures of Tom Platz, stretching.

I therefore need to ask him for permission to use the pictures.

I've tried to contact him via his email on his official website a few months ago. No answer. I've tried reaching him through the email published on his wife's official website - no answer.

Both websites seemed old and dated at the time, so the emails might be out of use.

Does anyone here have mr. Platz's contact deatils?

In case you do, I'd be very thankful if you could send them to me via PM, or post them here.

Thanks a lot in advance.


its in my other pants at the moment....sorry


His lack of response might be his way of saying "no."


Basically, when you squat 500lbs 20 times ATG, he appears...

good luck


I'll text him as soon as Dorian Yates quits being a bitch and prank calling his ex's with my phone.


Nothing about it all being in one set?

PS it was 23 times.





I contacted him asking to use permission to use his pictures and that I was cash ready for his price.

He got right back to me.

Nah, j/k, but you see how that works?

And why the Hell is this in the Bodybuilding forum anyway?




This guy can't be serious


According to Wiki Tom Platz works at Airpark Chrysler Jeep dealership in Scottsdale,AZ. Why don't you call his workplace? I'm sure he would appreciate that.


Thanks therajraj. That's a good idea.

For those of you who mock the idea - you'll be surprised, but one of the most famous bodybuilders of all time recently gave me his consent to use a picture of his. I contacted him by email and he was really nice and answered within 12 hours... These people are usually down to earth.


ooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO....you have connections!


No, I certainly do not. The man is just nice human being, that's all.


Who was it? Do we get a clue? Can I buy a vowel?


Wouldn't like to tell who since I figured if people knew he's so accessible he'd probably be flooded by emails. I suppose that if anyone needed to ask that man something they would find out for themselves that they can talk to him, it ain't that difficult. Since he was kind and helpful I wouldn't like repaying him by causing a major blockage in his mailbox =\


I just couldnt get this image out of my head lol' sorry!

btw no mockery intended, just havin a laugh!


major blockage of the mailbox... that sounds kinda painful!


Since I'm a member of the 'Gifted Wheels Club' (it's the opposite of what's going on in the RMP forum - we have good trunks, only - nothing else), I actually do know Tom.

I asked him about you, OP.

He thinks you should go with HIT.

Carry on.


I'm afraid I didn't get it.

Did he agree that I use the picture? Did you mean to write "you should go with it"? Or was the "you should go with HIT" some pun, together with that "gifted wheels club"?... Anyhow, I need some email or something so I can proof for the future publisher.

Sorry for ruining everyone's humorous posting spirit here, but I was dead serious with everything I wrote. I need to contact the man on this matter. I wouldn't dare use any picture of his without his consent...