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Need to Condition for Basketball

…but I still want to continue to improve on my speed and strength. My workout schedule is setup like this, Tu-ME lower body, Thur-ME upper body, Sat-DE lower body, Sun-DE upper body. I’m thinking about adding a good hour of basketball skills training at game speed after my “main workout” which is short sprints/plyos + weights on tuesdays.

Then on thursdays, I play with my friends and I’m going to try to go as fast as I can for as long as I can. Then saturdays are for longer sprints(40+ yards)and DE weight work. Then sunday I have a basketball game and then DE upper body workout.

Is this too much stimulus for my body and what is the chance that I will burn out? As far as the main workout, I go 4 weeks, then have a deload week so I’ll get my rest in. I was thinking of dropping the sprint work and doing intervals, but I still want to get faster since it’s warm out and I can get out on the track. Suggestions?

That seems like a bit much. I would drop your dynamic leg day and do serious court specific conditioning. Med ball dunks [if you can], sprints,horses, footwork drills,etc… If you’re only playing one game a week, you can get away with more, but the season is for your sport and the off season is to get stronger/bigger/faster. If you’re in season I’d only do 2-3 total body workouts a week with nothing even close to failure.

What about doing basketball training between workouts? I always take monday off to make sure I’m fresh for my tuesday ME lower body workout. What about using wednesday and maybe friday a basketball workouts day.