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Need to Change Nolva Dose?

Hey guys,

I am down to the end of my first cycle (this will be W 12, w 13 and 14 are off weeks and then W 15-18 PCT with Nolva).

I am currently running inj E3D of:

200mg Primo/150mg TestE/150mg MastE

very good results but I am starting to notice that I am getting some gyno symptoms. I have nolva to stop this but they are 20mg caps.

Should I take 20mg E2D or should I go with 20mg ED?

Also, I was taking the nolva for my PCT (plan was 40mg/d for first week and then 20mg/d for the next 2-3). does this need to change at all if I am running it before my cycle is done?

Thanks for the help…


anyone…this is a pretty basic question. There has to be someone that knows.

Does anyone know the halflife of Tamoxifen Citrate? I don’t so I don’t know if EOD will work.

also, One other problem with my cycle.

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Been looking…but can’t find the active life of nolva. If it were me I would go with everyday. I use this during all cycles ED with clomid at the end.

I’m still looking cause its bothering me now but, I would go with ED.


i dont think 20 eod (10 ed) is enough, go 20ed just to be safe especially if you are getting gyno symptoms… and you might want to order the letro now so that if you need it you have it. Just a thought

Peak is 3-6 hours.

half life is 7 days.

recomended dosing is 10-20mg twice per day.

Keep in mind these are doses for breast cancer

for ‘ovulation’ dosing is 5-40mg twice twice per day for 5 days.

This is a dosing format you could use for pct, but only once you are sure every compound is sufficiently out of you system (i.e. below 100mg per week total aas), if not you could eat the whole bottle and it won’t do shit.

Thanks for your wisdom as always guys. I am going to stick with 20mg/d straight through until PCT is done. Might throw in some clomid for the PCT to see how it works out.

Not sure if I’d even mess with clomid, that stuff sounds scary to me. After reading the sides caused by clomid, I’d just stick with the nolva.

on the one hand I am sort of scared of the super emotional side effects of clomid cause i don’t want to start acting like a menstruating biatch. on the other hand I want to throw a giant ‘peter north’ load which is the other main side effect of clomid. it’s a bit of a dilemma.