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Need to Build Mass


what am i require to build mass more than now and good shape , and my chest need good shape my chest is bulking in one side what to do ? pls help me friends


Are those chess pieces on the shelf above your head? Please reply ASAP, this will bug me all day.


Eat more food, while getting stronger on EVERY lift in a moderate rep range (8 or so reps).

For chest, switch to DB's.


yes those are chess pieces how u get that accurately


Switching to DB ? dumbells ?




Yes, but you need to eat more food than you are.


thx for ur kind advice friends could u gave me good diet chart for bulking pls and workouts for bulking


You can find all that information on the site, put effort in for yourself instead of being spoonfed.
Typical foods will include pasta, steaks, various forms of potato, rice, chicken, vegetables and weight gainer shakes...
But in terms of workouts just get a decent split and stick with it! Try 531


Buy a blender. Place massive contents of food into blender. Blend. Drink.


I'm curious as to where you are from?


Eat until you cry.


friends i m same as when i was before a year is this called plateu i cant able to lift heavy i 'm eating good help me if any one gives me a hand for my prob plsss i'll give all my details about my physique and diet and workouts


need a good chest routine friends and arms too tell what all are missing in my status




you say you can't lift heavy but you really need to so I'd recommend trying to get some heavier weights or a better gym because it will be really hard to get a good physique with only low weight high rep work. just pick a program like 5/3/1 that emphasises heavy compound lifts.




Step 1: start eating until you feel like youre going to puke. then keeping eating more. if you arent gaining at least a pound a week, eat an extra 500 calories/day. if you stop gaining weight again, add an extra 1000 calories/day. keep repeating this process of increasing your daily calorie intake by 500 until you are consistently gaining a lb/week.

step 2: get 10 hours/sleep every night

step 3: lift heavy weights. make sure you are squatting and deadlifting. rippetoe's starting strength is the best program for beginners, then once youve made decent progress on that switch to something like 5/3/1 BBB


thx dear friends i'll try those what u told