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Need to be Pointed in the Right Direction

Hi guys,

Here are some pictures of my upper body, Ive only just recently started working my legs since I took your advice over on the Bodybuilding forum this April, my stats are quite weak but Im going to tell the truth, Ive been training for nearly a year now but only for 7 months with head down seriously.

Bench = 154lbs
Squat = 176lbs
Deadlift = 200lbs.
I am 17 years old, take in around 4500 calories, 7 months ago I was a fat sod so considering the change, I believe I have progressed quite abit. Just looking for advice on what to improve on, add weight? lose fat? etc etc.

All honest advice welcome!
P.S sorry about the white bits in the pics, I tried to cut out the unnessassary stuff!

Front double biceps


okkkk the sighs… but advice?




4500 is cals is good just keep it up…

u have very little muscle and need to focus on building it so keep eating alot

u are basically a blank slate at this point

furthermore you did not include leg shots… which are part of a physique

it is also mentioned in the sticky that leg shots are required

ur lifts also look to be pretty abysmal especially the DL

just keep working and eating more this stuff takes time… though after 7 months i would have expected you to be bigger and stronger than that

I see, well thanks for being honest. I actually expect myself to be stronger but it just doesnt happen…

Will be back here in 2 or 3 months.

[quote]Singhbuilder wrote:

Lift weights.

Well it coulda been worse, he could posted these pics and simply said “rate me”. You got lots of work to do, but I appreciate your honesty and information given, but far to soon to post your physique here.

Okkk sorry guys, if I could delete this thread I would, I will be back with bigger numbers soon… Thanks.

not too soon plz

Keep lifting.
Normally I would advise south asians to steer clear of bodybuilding (wrong frame) but you’re young enough to actually change your frame plenty.

Nice to see you’re squatting. At this stage, try doing Rippetoe for a while and see if the numbers improve. Also 4500 calories seems plenty, but if youre gaining strength and not getting significiantly fatter, go for it.
Whats your training like? I assume youve got the diet covered properly with that intake.

You’ll get there but keep reading, talking to experienced bodybuilders, lift some weights, and please eat something!!

I thought it was a girl at first…rofl

good job on weight loss but you need muscle

The diet is covered, I drink around 3 protein shakes a day but they only give around 200 calories and 20g of protein per shake so the rest of my calories are from food, I only eat junk at 1 meal in the whole week which is usually friday, Im trying to cut that out too, food is mainly meats such as lamb and chicken breast, cottage cheese etc etc.

Oh and im not fully indian, more then half my blood is african…

lol@ more than half my blood is african

what the fuuuuuck is wrong with this thread.

How many gallons exactly?

[quote]Singhbuilder wrote:
Oh and im not fully indian, more then half my blood is african…[/quote]

Lol its exactly 20.567892 gallons :slight_smile:
Close this thread down somehow, I got what advice I needed, thanks guys, basically I gota lift heavier.

You need to gain weight.

4500kcal is alot. Most likely too much IMO. If your scale bumps up 2 or 3 lbs per week, thats not all muscle. Im bigger and stronger than you and I make good gains off ~3000kcal. Just trying to be sensible about nutrition. You will eventually need 4500 cals to gain but your a long ways away. Your not fat anymore. Dont get fat again.