Need to Adjust EQ/Test/Tren Cycle Dosages. Suggestions?


I am currently running my fourth cycle in four years. I have used Test, Tren and EQ in previous cycles and seen excellent results. I raised the doses moderately this time around but not a lot. I attempted to set dosages at a “body recomposition” type of cycle. The reasoning for this is goal is work related. I am supplementing because at my age it has become more difficult to make gains in strength/endurance and recovery has become an absolute bitch at times. For my job I need to be lean but have above average strength and cardiovascular endurance. I understand the normal bulk and cut cycles, but for a multitude of factors I prefer to make steady progress in strength and moderate weight loss simultaneously. For many of you this isn’t ideal, but it is what is best for me. I am currently in week 6 of my cycle, and I am not seeing the results I expected. My diet is mostly on point. I am certainly not perfect, but I’m eating clean and well 95% of the time. I do strength and interval type training for the most part, with long 3+ hour heavy load hikes once a week (for work). Using the same diet and exercise routine in the past I saw strength gains and excellent weight loss. By this point in my previous cycle I had visibly lost weight and built muscle. As of yesterday, I have gained 10 pounds from the start of the cycle. Visually, I can see muscle groups hardening out in certain areas, especially lats and shoulders, but very little or not fat loss. In my previous cycle with the same compounds i gained about 5+ pounds in the first couple weeks, but began shedding pounds after that. Even with strength gains I had lost 15 pounds before the end of the cycle. After analyzing my diet and workout regimen I feel this is dosage and cycle related. I feel I may have set dosages closer to a bulk cycle instead of a recomp. I know these compounds can be run for both bulking, cutting and in between. I did a lot of research and based the doses of my goals and previous history with the compounds, but I feel after six weeks something is off. Anyone have any suggestions on how to adjust?

35 y/o
185 (start of cycle)
BF - 16% (start of cycle)

My current cycle is:

Week 1-2 (front load)
EQ – 500 mg E3.5D
TEST E– 500 mg E3.5D

Week 3
EQ – 250mg E3.5D
TEST E – 250 mg E3.5D

Week 4-16
EQ – 250mg E3.5D
TEST E – 250 mg E3.5D
TREN E – 175 mg E3.5D

I understand I didn’t post about PCT, but I have the appropriate compounds on hand. I have not experienced any side effects besides the weight gain that I can see/feel.

The test and EQ seem to be reasonable doses. The tren only started week four, so if you’re two weeks into it then I suppose you wouldn’t be getting the effects quite yet. I don’t know that you necessarily need to make any big adjustments just yet. Maybe give yourself another week or two to see if the tren starts to do its thing before changing anything? I don’t know. It sounds like a killer cycle, so I can’t imagine there’s anything wrong with it on its face. If you’re feeling like it’s too much bulk coming too fast then the easiest adjustment is to calories. Just drop a few hundred and see where that leaves you in a week or two.