Need Tips on My Current Routine

so i have been doing this routine for about a month and have felt it was lacking in certain areas but since it has been has been showing results for my goal (im cutting away fat i was about 209 now im around 197 my goal is 185) but i normally work out 5 days a week somtimes 6 if i feel i have the energy since im currently working 13 hour shifts 6 days a week.

day one is normally lower body so i do a kind of circut type deal where i will do three main lower body exercises and do abs in between or assisted pull ups cause i suck at those and want to get better at them

i do 5 sets of 8 for all my work outs

day 1 is Squat-185 or front squats - 95
assisted pull ups or a ab workout
leg press- 270 or lunges with 35 lb dumbells
some ab work out
dead lift 155 or incline leg press- 270

(im not very strong fyi) so that would be day one and i may run or walk 1.5 miles normally a mixture of both

day 2 is pure cardio so i will do sprints or run about 2 miles at 7 or 7.2 on the treadmill i just got a resistance parachute in today for my sprint days as well

day 3 is upper body
1.incline or flat bench press with either 35 lbs dumbells or 135 barbell
3.row machine using 100 pounds (i dont know the exact name of the row) or bent over back rows with 35 lbs dumbells
5.high pull with 35 lb dumbells have not tried it with the barbell yet

day 4 more cardio

day 5 lower body again

wash rinse repeat after that im not very experinced with other exercises i could throw in. i know i am lacking in the arms department and some other areas as well. also i stay away from carbs while im trying to lose the weight.

You’re making progress towards your goal so keep doing it.

I agree with RampantBadger. Keep it up. Start a training log!