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Need Tips on Cutting Cycle After Bulking

I’m looking for good tips guys I’m 6" 225 lbs with 18% fat, still on week 9 out of 12 weeks of test enanthate 300mgs every 3days, deca 150mgs every 3 days, dbol 50mgs ED. and need tips to how? when? and what cutting cycle do I need? thank you

I would wait a couple months to let your new mass stick. The longer you hold it the better off you’ll be.


Run through this guys programs, no cutting cycle needed…

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what do you think of prolonging the cycle for extra 6 weeks. stop the dbol add HGH in the last four weeks

Unless that’s a typo and you meant last four months I would skip it. GH is a sloooooow burn. A month of it won’t get you much more than you’ll get by not doing it at all.


What @iron_yuppie said.

I’m still recovering from surgeries in both shoulders 10 months ago (total tear in both tendons, shoulder capsule inflammation, acute ligaments tears and tearing of the biceps muscle) been back for 4 months to the gym now back to 70% of my max weight lifting needed the deca for better recovery and I think some HGH will add more value to the recovery. what do you think?

HGH is a longer game though, its typically run for 3-4 month stints.

lol then I’ll just skip it for now it’ll cost me a fortune

If getting it scripted yes it will

I live in the UAE so the 36iu pin here is for 150$ I already have 4 pins in the fridge

Lucky lucky!

what do you think about Somapure or HGH 176-191?

BPC-157. Look it up. It’s legal and it is allegedly awesome for recovery. Like, miraculous levels of recovery.

this stuff looks like magic, can I use it immediately whilst I’m in my cycle or do I wait until I’m off cycle?

Use it whenever you’d like. I would go track down information on the best dose and schedule and find the consensus from previous users. R/steroids probably has a compound experience thread about it if I’m not mistaken.