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Need Throwing Help

Hey guys

I had my first track meet today for spring and it went horribly. despite the pouring rain, i still threw very very poorly. My best throw in the winter was 49’10.5 feet and it was at one of my last meets. Today, i got marked at 39 feet (from the stand). i fouled my first 2 throws with sector fouls.

My main concern is that all my throws are WAY left (i’m a lefty). I use the glide technique and have never had this problem until recently. All my throws are way out of the sector towards the left side.

If possible, can someone tell me possible things I can be doing wrong to cause this left-release?

Thanks in advance

u could be hunched over when releasing instead of standing tall, i dont throw as far as u but i have had that problem. (also a lefty :)), really empahsize shooting ur hips up and foward as well as ripping with the righ elbow up and high to carry u through

Are you blocking hard with your front leg ???

Are you throwing in the left sector from stands ??/

What do you mean by blocking hard? I am still learning the concept of the gliding in the shot so there are certain aspects i am shakey with. What does it mean to “block hard”?

The one stand throw i took at the meet I threw towards the left of the sector but it was a bad throw. None of my throws touch the right half of the sector if divided down he middle.

It’s just guessing without seeing what you are doing, but the two most likely things that occur to me are 1: you are not getting your right leg far enought around, blocking you off from the throw, or 2: you are not getting your feet and hips turned to the front.

What GMH means by “block hard” is stopping your right side to increase the rotation of the left. You lock the right leg and bring the right elbow back hard to your side.