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Need Thoughts Please

Guys just would like some opinions. I am new to this site and not even sure if I am posting right. But looking for some feedback with someone with Test/Tren cycles.

I am 28 yrs old been training ten years. Been in the “game” off and on about two years now.
My stats are 5ft 10 203 28 yrs old 11 12 bf.

Last year I ran a test tren cycle. Test e 600mg and Tren same amount 600 mg
loved it got up to 223 I was super horny on it. My concern was toward the end lost my drive and got tren dick.

Had blood work done and estrogen was through the roof. I am thinking this was not the tren but test converting to estro. I took arimidex but not enough

I want to start a cycle of 600mg of test and 300 mg tren a week mfw w/ .25 arimidex ED and some Caber twice a week .5mg after doing some research.

Please give some feedback. Keep in mind I am not a bb and just like looking good and lifting. My main concern is maintaining my sex drive and avoiding tren dick any help thoughts?

i’d run a gram of test and some letro instead… you would get great results and save a lot of money

tren can be expensive and legit caber will cost a lot

if you want to look good, fix your diet

I have tren on hand though so that wouldnt be a problem.

A gram of test? Never gone that high, risky? with sides? If I did up it some how much arimidex ?

My last problem was my estro through the roof did not control it.

I just want to minimize libido issues main concern. That is it.

Diet is good not worried about that.

Letro I have read great and terrible things. That is kills sex drive and suppressed estro too much. Just wanna get all the facts before. But you still say letro over a dex?

I get all my ancillaries from man power online cheaper and seem to work ok

I should note I have it all on hand the gear anyhow. That is not a problem. The cost until next cycle Also have some EQ I could throw in

Walkway is pretty much spot on with the diet aspect. diet may be good, but if you want to look better make diet better.