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Need Test Advice

Hi all,
I new to the site, looking for some advice on test, im 31 yrs old 6’ tall approx 235lbs, ive been out of the gym for over a year now, diet been shit and put on some fat. i just got back in the gym about a month ago and got my diet back on track. ive done up to 4 cycle in the past. All test/Tren or Test/Deca stacks,.

so im looking at starting a cycle again, my intention is to just burn some fat and put on some muscle on, i dont wanna do crazy stack like i did before, just something to help with some muscle gain and fat burning, i was wondering if i took 250mg of test.e a week stacked with var, would that be enough test jsut to help with fat burning while maintaining some mass…can anyone help? thanks