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Need Temporary Eating Plan


I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I play Online Poker for a living for my income, 5-6 days a week from 12pm to 11pm (straight, no break) usually and sometimes even later. In my house my mom cooks my meals so that is how I am able to eat. Well she's going on vacation for 2 weeks and I need a temporary solution.

I have Grow! Whey, Allmax Weight Gainer, and a fridge that is in my basement where i play that I can quickly run to and grab stuff out of. I have a morning shake that consists of Grow!, Superfood, Oatmeal, a banana, and a cup of mixed frozen berries. So that takes care of 1 meal for the day, and when my poker session is over I can have another meal right before bed so that takes care of 2. Any help for some sort of temporary plan will be great.




^ lol. That's what it is man. Don't get it twisted, I train from monday - friday mornings and rarely ever miss a training session. But this is real life...and making money supersedes all else. As I said that is my job since I don't have one.


I realize I'm still noob and all... but Supps and Nutrition used to be my favorite thread because it seemed to have the least BS, intentional or unintentional. I read others but don't post due to others knowing more than I. But this? Really? Is he serious?

If making money supersedes all else dude is on the wrong website.


OK bro, so you have 13 hours a day where you can sleep and train, and you have someone else to cook for you, and if that fails you have shakes to whip up. What is your dilemma, exactly?

I just noticed the "my mom is going on vacation" and realized this has to be a joke. I really hope this is a joke.


LOL gtfo with this hate seriously. What is so funny? Do you guys not have jobs? I mean, I don't expect a random person to understand, but there are a WHOLE lot of people who make a living (and a great one at that) doing exactly what I'm going. The difference is 98% of them are out of shape, don't train, and just order pizza to eat while they play during the day. Stop being ignorant for christ sakes. You don't think I have expenses/my own bills to pay off too? If you seriously think my situation is "BS" then get a clue. I gave you my situation, now either help out and contribute something or keep it moving. no shots.


Cook all your food on Sunday for the entire week, and Tupperware it in the fridge.



Ok, joking or not I'm here to offer some help. Do a combination of simple cooking and snacks. Get some foods that are healthy to snack on (see below) and prepare some bulk recipes on the days you don't have to play poker (see below)

mixed nuts - you can even find them in individual prepacked bags so you don't have to worry about measuring anything
no sugar added yogurts
jerky - again with the prepaged servings
prepacked cut celery and carrot sticks

Recipes to Premake for the week ahead: (from JB's website)
(this section really depends on your goals, but I'll assume maintenance)

Bodybuilder's Chili

Protein Pasta

Protein Oatmeal

Big tub 'O tuna salad

some mo:

Hard Boiled Egg Burritos
Shredded, hard boiled eggs (1 dozen whites and 2 yolks)
Salsa or hot sauce
Wheat tortillas

Tuna Burgers
Two cans of tuna in spring water
2 tbsp. of oat Bran
One egg
Curry powder
Fry in a pan until egg is cooked

Kitchen Sink Burger
Half pound of ground sirloin
1 Egg
Bread crumbs
Chopped veggies
Broil to taste

Orange Protein Creamsicle
1 box sugar free vanilla pudding
1 cup skim milk
1 1/2 cups of orange juice
2 scoops vanilla Advanced Protein
Blend until thick

Berardi Instant Breakfast
2 cups milk
3 scoops protein
One half cup of dry instant oatmeal
Blend together for 30-60 seconds


Can you cook?


I agree bro. I have a similar problem, too. When my mom doesn't cook for me, I'm not really sure how to get food into my body. I know some of you are going to say "cook in advance" or some lame shit like that, but I don't think you realize, I have a JOB. Any tips bros? Help me or f off. No hate plz.


thx for the help. Someone else on another forum suggested pre cooking chicken breasts, then microwaving them to eat..so i'll prolly move my microwave downstairs by my pc or something. And those snacks like mixed nuts sound like a good idea.


My question was serious but i guess you took it as sarcasm. Buy one of these.

If you don't like EZ bake ovens and are able to cook, JB's Chili is perfect for a couple of months.


It takes a little while to make, but it will last you several months if you freeze it.



get a slowcooker bro. chile and all that jazz.

rice and meat


I'd recommend taking a mid day break in the poker. That shits gotta be a huge grind. Maybe even do your workout in the middle. Clear your mind, etc. And use that time to eat.


So for Jb's Chili, I premake that shit, then just throw it in the fridge and warm it up whenever i'm gonna eat it? Or should i freeze it? I only need it to last for two weeks.


What kind of fail is this thread, like seriously. Cook it 3 times while shes gone, ~5 days worth, eat it, then recook. It's not difficult. Most of us cook for the week or half-week, week in week out. We don't have mothers waiting on us while doing our jobs.

Seriously, I'm having trouble comprehending the level of fail in the OP.


I would advise you to look up a recipe for "testicles". Then try to make some and attach them to the empty space between your legs.


wow i mean WOW!!!

OP ... get a grip, your mother is not always going to be around to do these thing's for you.

We need to eat, without it we die.. MAKE TIME!!!

Im a single parent with a high profile job, im out of the house from 6am till 6pm. I manage to cook, clean, work, workout and spend time with my kids.

Even those of us that work full time, get a lunch break. Take a frigging lunch break. If you REALLY can't (i have no idea how online poker works) cook in batch cook at the begining of the week.

You just need to be organised, once a week i head to the chicken, throw as much chicken as i can under the grill, while thats cooking i chop and bag loads of salad/veg etc, i also bag portions of protien whey, nuts and anything else i need for the week.

That way when it's meal time or before i leave for work in the morning all i have to do is grab a few bags of the things i need and im good to go.

All i can say is im glad your not my son even my 6 year old can find his way to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. Saying that if you where my son i sure as hell wouldn't be making your meals, if your old enough to play poker your old enough to sort out your own damn food.

You have no excuse... just do it.