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Need Supplementation Advice


Gender : Male
Age : 29
Height : 188 cm
Weight : 95Kg / 212 lbs
BF : 22 (Though never got it measured)
Primary Goal : Loose Fat
Working out from last 10 Months but without proper guidance. Kindly suggest supplementation & workout routine. Few images attached.

Secondary Goal : Look muscular with visible abs


What is your diet like? What do you eat on a typical day?


I’m pure vegetarian.

Workout for 1 hour aprx. in morning.

Breakfast(9-9:30 Am) : Cereal with Milk Plus 2 Bread toasts generally & 2 scoops of Protein & 5 Gms of Cretine.

Lunch(2:30-3:00 PM) : 4 chapatis with normal Indian style vegetables.

Dinner(9:30-10:00 PM) : Fruits, 1 Glass Milk and one bowl of Lentils & 2 scoops of Protein.


I’m no expert, but you seem to rely heavily on protein powder and your lunch has no protein in it. It’s mostly carbs. You should add some natural sources of protein like eggs, cottage cheese, etc. into your diet. Especially for your lunch.


Before spending a bunch of money on supplements, I would focus purely on improving your diet for now. Even though you’re a vegan, you can still get protein without having to worry about breaking your vegan vows. I highly recommend getting off of that diet, but you’re a man and I’m sure you have your reasons to staying loyal to it. You definitely need to intake more calories and protein in order to build more muscle. A way to do this without completely relying on supplements is to eat a lot of beans or of course quinoa. Anyways for the work out routine, I had a good amount of progress with Stronglifts 5x5 as a beginner, I built a good foundation of strength as well as a few pounds of muscle.


If you decide you want to take transforming your body seriously, I highly recommend to take a few hours of your weekend and sit down, read a lot of articles on t-nation about diets and working out, and then get a journal and write at least a month long plan on your diet and exercises. There’s a lot of information out there and it can become very confusing, so don’t be shy to ask questions on the forum.


Thanks Diddlysquat & Mr_Jacuuu.

Changing my natural diet is kinda tough for me not only because of my vegan vows but also due to my routine that doesn’t allow me to carry multiple meals that I can have every 2 to 3 hours.
I’m planning to compensate all that deficit via supplementation.

Are there any issues attached with that?

If so, what are they & if not what plan should I follow?



You are not vegan or vegetarian.

You decided to change your eating habits without changing your eating habits with no proteins.

First thing you should do is re think your eating habits.

Example. First meal: oatmeal (or rice meal or equivalent), almond milk, blueberries, unpasteurized honey, chia seeds.

The above is called breakfast. Not the same as your over processed crap.


With Cereals I meant Oats, cornflakes, muesli etc. with almonds, nuts & different type of seeds like chia n flax etc.

As far as processed bread is concerned, I take multi grain bread.

Berries is what i generally have in dinner with other fruits like melons, different berries, apples, bananas etc.

Advice if something else need to be modified.

Also kindly mention if the protein intake could be increased in form of supplementation from 2 scoops to 4 or 6 per day?


You never mentioned nuts and seeds. Be specific if you want a better answer. Throw the corn flakes in the garbage. The other part is that you have a lot of bread. Change that with good fruits, vegetables and/or nuts.

Change to rice for lunch. Add some healthy fats.

I personally have my fruits in a he morning. That is me.