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Need Supplement Advice

Ok guys here it is. Ive been lifting for over a year and half. Ive tried the eat big diet (forgot what it was really called) and it worked pretty well. I once was 150 lbs at 6’ tall and now Im about 190 lbs with some bodyfat 14-15%. Hey I never thought I would get that big and actually bench 215lbs x 1. Which im pretty happy. Well the fall and winter is coming up. Im interested in bulking up over the winter. Gain as much muscle as possible with in reason. (I don’t need to be causing suspiscion). So what would be a good supplement that I should take to gain a good amount of lean body mass. I already take protein religiously and I plan to eat properly also to gain weight. Do you think I need anything else to help gain better muscle. Mind you, Im not ready for steriods nor plan to take anything in that league anytime soon. I will only really want to do it for a 12 week cycle and not much more.

Thank you for any help and advice!

Read the Massive Eating articles here at T-Mag. That should do it for you.