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Need Supplement Advice


The situation is as follows. I have been lifting for a while now (and making progress) and I've been using nothing but whey protein post workout or whenever it was hard to get my protein in otherwise. For the most part I have been relying on diet to help me with my bulking. I am thinking about buying another supplement to speed up my progress on the way to getting huge.

Before i get a bunch of haters bitching in this thread i will state the following:
1) I know that food and water are the most anabolic substances
2) I am aware that in order to get big all i need to do is train hard and eat a lot of the right foods and get enough sleep etc etc etc...
3) I know that supplements are not the answer to problems
4) I do not intend to replace any of my food or meals with this supplement.

I only want something that will get me where I want to go a little faster, it is no more complicated than that.

Baring all this in mind, what would you guys recommend that i buy as a supplement in addiditon to whey? I will be purchasing a multi vitamin and some fish oils soon so please do not mention those, i mean a purely bodybuilding supplement.

-Amino Acids?
-Weight gainer?
-Anything else you can think of?

Thanks in advance,


Creatine and possibly some simple carbs along with your whey pre and post-workout (dextrose/maltodextrin). Everything else is just icing on the cake.


creatine for sure. its super cheap and super effective. dont get too caught up in fantasy marketing and all that jazz. go with what works. weight gainers are super convenient for bulking but the sugar content is usually pretty brutal on your body composition. you can make your own with way better macros, so drop this from consideration in my opinion.

ZMA is a cool treat but if you take a quality MENS multi vitamin, they usually include zma in the formula. Glutamine is good for overall health, personally, i like it but dont expect gains just by adding it into your diet. finally, amino acids can be great on a diet but id say you can probably do without them on a bulk considering your protein intake should be 1.5-2g per lbs of bodyweight.

if you want to add something to your arsenal without spending too much money but feel like you have a new supp. try making your own intra workout drink.

1 serving powdered gatorade (the dextrose based kind)
2 scoops whey
1 serving of creatine
1 tsp of sea salt

if you use vanilla powder and orange gatorade, you get a cool orange cream-sicle thing goin on.


Alright! So so far creatine seeems to be in the lead! Anyone else got an opinion or something different they'd like to recommend?


Forgive my ignorance, but what benefits does the salt add?



Monohydrate is cheap and effective.



-Amino Acids?


-Weight gainer?

If your having trouble getting the calories in otherwise

-Anything else you can think of?



"As an electrolyte, sodium is the positively charged ion on the outside of the living cell. Cations, anions, and ions exist in an exact balance outside and inside cells, so that a change in the balance of one or more cations or ions will cause a change in other cations and ions in order to maintain cell integrity. Simply put, sodium is responsible for regulating blood volume and blood pressure, although it serves other functions as well.

During a set of high-intensity muscle contraction blood pressure rises. This is a primary response of high-intensity training. During high-performance exercise, the metabolism of the body is better served by a higher blood volume since this translates into better oxygen and nutrient delivery to working cells. Just as importantly, a higher blood volume results in a more efficient removal of fatigue toxins."

check out the ingredient list in anaconda or MG's product both contain sea salt (not to be confused with regular table salt)


Interesting stuff. Thanks.


ok i've been thinking about this for a while. creatine seems like a good option, however my stomach is a little squeamish in the morning, in otherwards i can't eat a lot as soon as i wake up. This is kind of annoying and i'm pretty sure it's stopping me progressing as fast as i would like (i am progressing by the way, not saying i'm stuck). what about getting a weight gainer that I could mix with a glass of milk in the morning so my body can get those much needed calories and protein? (i figure it would be much easier for me to drink something in the morning than fight the gag reflex when trying to eat a lot.)

the only problem i can see with weight gainers is that they are quite expensive and you get f**k all servings in one container, sometimes we're talking $50 for 12 or 16 servings!!!

does anyone agree with my rationale for buying a weight gainer? Also can anyone recommend one at a decent price and since my stomach isnt great in the morning one that also tastes pretty good? any help appreciated!


Surge recovery has worked really well for me. You only take it pre/post workout.

In the mornings I make a smoothie with milk, a banana, some frozen berries, yogurt, and whey. It's a ton of protein and carbs, it takes no time to make, and it's easy to drink even if your stomach is iffy in the morning.

Try drinking some warm water in the morning too.


you can make your own weight gainers for like 60 cents a serving.

2 cups milk
2 scoops protein
2 tbs natty peanut butter
1 or 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
cup of oats

thats probably over 1000 calories right there.

the possibilities are endless.

before you waste a crap load of money, skip the weight gainers. seriously. ive bought them and used them enough to know. learn from my mistakes, you are better off spending your money on food.

as far as eating in the morning, force it. nothing about this is easy. start with 1 egg and add an egg every week or 2 until you are eating enough in the morning.


Just to echo what others have said. Creatine pre and post workout is essential and dont waste your money with a mass gainer. The shake recipes above are delicious (mine is similar) and will give you everything you need. Id suggest one in the morning and another pre-workout. If you have extra money to burn waxymaize/vitargo is good to add to your pre and post workout shakes and casein protein is also beneficial to take as a bedtime snack. I know you said this already, but there really is nothing more important than your diet that will help you build mass.


Also, about the stomach thing, when I was in college I drank a lot of alcohol and coffee and it tore my stomach up pretty bad. If you drink coffee in the morning try and do it after you eat. I don't know if you drink a lot of alcohol or not but it can tear up your stomach lining pretty bad.


Ok so i've decided to put off buying another supplement for now...i guess it's just money that would be better spent on good bulking foods.

I like the look of Alpha Male though, and i've been looking at peoples' opnions and they seem to have seen considerable results from it. Whenever i do decide to buy another supplement i'm going to keep it in mind


just out of curiosity, why would you ask everyones opinion and then ignore it completely?

yes, people have had good results with Alpha Male but 1258213uw0etuw012591-02 more people have got better results from creatine monohydrate which costs about $12 for a months worth.


please explain.
i was advised that spending money on a good diet and proper nutrition would be more worthwhile than any supplement. I followed that advice.

i then said Alpha Male also looked like a good choice, and that i would also CONSIDER it when i actually do go to buy a supplement. i really don't see how i've ignored peoples' advice.